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2024 Candidate Experience Report

CareerPlug’s annual Candidate Experience Report sheds light on what job seekers are looking for in a hiring process. Employers can

How to Hire Seasonal Employees

For industries like retail, increased demand for seasonal employees in Q4 is a holiday tradition as cherished as pumpkin pie.

2022 Toxic Work Environment Report

Toxic work environments – this term was first used to describe literally toxic workplaces where dangerous working conditions and chemical

How We Hire at CareerPlug

Take an inside look at CareerPlug’s hiring process. See how our hiring process has evolved, what steps you should complete before you post your job, and what steps are in our hiring process.

Recruiting Spanish Speaking Job Applicants

As the Hispanic community continues to grow, demand for top bilingual employees is sure to grow with it. How can you stay competitive when attracting and recruiting Spanish speakers? Read our blog post to learn five simple ways to attract top Spanish-speaking talent.

BidClips Case Study

Austin Casey, founder and CEO of sales management software company, BidClips, shared the impact that CareerPlug has made on their