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CareerPlug’s franchise hiring software provides franchisees with an affordable, easy-to-use system to make the right hires. Franchise systems depend on talented people at all levels of the business to grow and succeed. As a franchisor, the success of your franchisees is important to that you, and that includes helping them build strong teams.

We designed our franchise hiring software to help decentralized businesses streamline their hiring process and consistently make better hiring decisions. With effective recruiting tools on hand, hiring managers are able to target candidates right for their business and then smoothly onboard new hires. CareerPlug not only empowers franchisees to make smarter hires and save time, but also helps ensure that brand and compliance standards are maintained throughout the hiring process.

  • Give your franchisees the tools to make better hires
  • Make hiring easier with a streamlined hiring process
  • Maintain brand and compliance standards

We are experts at partnering with franchisors to provide a system that can be adopted across the entire franchise network, producing a consistent candidate and hiring manager experience for brands of all sizes.

Ashley Parsons

Franchise Owner

CareerPlug has helped us identify the right people for the job allowing us to be “picky,” increased our hiring rate, and lowered our short term turnover rate.

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