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CareerPlug’s hiring software was designed with the needs of the home and commercial services industry in mind. We understand that hiring high-quality professionals is a key ingredient in such a reputation-driven industry. Don’t lose out on business because of a bad hire!

Our software is built on a proven process designed to make sure you end up with the right hires — not just any hire. With our easy-to-use system, you’ll be able to:

  • Post to all the major job boards with just one click
  • Evaluate candidates consistently with quick and easy assessments, interview guides, and reference check guides
  • Communicate with candidates and schedule interviews without ever leaving the software

Hiring Software For Home Services Franchises

CareerPlug is a trusted hiring partner for these leading home services franchises:


Hiring Software For Home Services Associations

CareerPlug is proud to be the official applicant tracking system for these home services associations:


Home Services Hiring Case Studies

Recruit Quality Applicants with Careers Pages

Candidates who apply from home service company careers pages are

2 times more likely to become hires

than candidates who apply from job boards


Free Resources for Home Services Hiring

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2022 Home & Commercial Services Industry Recruiting Metrics Report

Download our report to learn how your hiring and recruiting stats compare to others in the home & commercial services industry and learn tips for what you can do to make the right hires.

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