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Pre-Screen Applicants to Quickly Identify Top Job Candidates

CareerPlug offers pre-screening questions to ensure job applicants have the skills, availability, and work authorization to be eligible for your roles. Our pre-screen questions allow you to collect critical candidate information easily, whether they’re applying on a top job board or directly on your website.

Use our templates with tried-and-true questions or develop your own to identify the candidates that stand out and are likely to best fit your organization’s needs.

Our hiring automations also make applicant screening faster and easier. We’ll automatically remove unqualified applicants from consideration and send out a courteous rejection email. When a top candidate catches your interest, you can use our one-click email templates to set up an interview ASAP.

Easily Conduct Role-Specific Assessments

Role-specific assessments are a critical tool to help determine ideal candidates from your applicant pool. Our assessments provide the opportunity for you to evaluate candidates beyond the resume to find the perfect new sales rep, web developer, part-time or full-time employee to add to your team.

Use CareerPlug’s built-in assessment library or leverage our partnerships with leading assessment technology providers like Outmatch, Traitify, and Predictive Index. You can even track assessment progress and easily compare responses right within your account.

Fairly Evaluate Candidates with Role Scorecards

Make quality hires consistently with our role scorecards. Evaluate candidates using the measurable, objective criteria you develop in your role scorecards (or use ours!). By standardizing your evaluation methods, you can empower hiring managers with the tools to consistently compare strengths and weaknesses for candidates so you end up with the right hires every time.

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