Writing Job Descriptions

3 Tips For Writing Better Job Descriptions

Writing stellar job descriptions is one of the first steps a company can take to give job seekers a great candidate experience. After all, these preliminary interactions set the tone of the working relationship. Set the right tone by showcasing your opportunity in a candidate-friendly way with these three tips for better job descriptions. Use […]

the job search process

How The Job Search Process Has Changed

Ahem, The Job Search Process Has Changed Remember when it was common for companies to hang a “Help Wanted” sign in their storefront when they were looking to hire? Ya, a lot sure has changed in the last ten years. In today’s fast technological times, where one can order a car or food instantly from […]

workplace goals with the CHANGE method

Achieving Workplace Goals With CHANGE

The New Year just began and already people are setting goals and implementing new practices throughout the workplace. Sadly, The University of Scranton reports that 92% of people will fail at accomplishing their New Year’s goal. This can come off as defeating to leaders of organizations trying to adopt company-wide goals. However, there should be […]


Giving Back: Toys for Teens 2016

Happy Holidays!  On behalf of the entire CareerPlug team, we would like to thank you for partnering with us this past year. In 2016, we have grown our team, innovated our product offerings, and set a bright vision for the future.  We are grateful for the opportunity to help you find the right people to […]


Pipeline Recruiting for Financial Institutions

Utilizing Pipeline Recruiting in Financial Establishments The recruiting process for franchise financial institutions is dated and often results in turnover, sporadic hiring, and a lack of diversity. There have been very few technological innovations in the banking and financial services industry in franchises that are not part of the upper echelon of firms that have […]


Hiring For Your Regional Grocery Store

Regional grocery stores face a unique set of hiring challenges.  From stockers to cashiers to deli workers, employees are the face and voice of your company brand.  But with turnover at 39%, those faces might be changing too often to make a positive impact.  Putting care into who you hire – from considering your ideal […]


Retail: Hiring for the Holidays

Seasonal Hiring Demand As a retailer, you know that there are certain spikes in seasonal demand within your business. The increased volume of the holiday season is your #1 time to make a winning impression on your customers. If they have a great experience in your store and with your staff, they are more likely […]


How to Recruit Personal Trainers

Why Certification Matters The popularity of personal training and fitness classes is on the rise as Americans take initiative to become healthier. As gym memberships increase, it becomes even more important that employees are well-equipped to work directly with gym members. Fitness instructors operate in a capacity that holds the organization liable for potential harm […]