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How We Onboard At CareerPlug

We have a vision at CareerPlug to build one of the best places to work in Austin. Part of that vision means setting the standard for great hiring and new hire onboarding. To build the best place to work, we need to attract and keep the best people. As a hiring and onboarding software company,

CareerPlug helps you create a recipe to consistently make great hires

What’s the Recipe for Consistently Great Hires?

If you make consistently great hires, your business is more likely to be successful. And as a small business owner or leader, the first hurdle is learning how to hire great people yourself—you are the first ingredient in the recipe. But not every leader knows what exactly that recipe is. Many of us improvise when

CareerPlug's paperless onboarding platform let's you launch new hires

Still Using Paper Forms For New Hire Onboarding?

Old habits die hard. As the leader of a technology company, I’ve been relatively slow to give up my paper habit. I still write in a journal each morning. I take notes in a bound notebook or on a yellow pad. I print out my weekly agenda and, until recently, even printed my daily calendar.

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Only Three Things Matter When Hiring

A hiring opportunity is one of the most exciting times for your company. Right? Ok, it can be stressful and frustrating…and time consuming! Trust me, I know. I just filled two positions myself and the week that followed felt like one of my more productive weeks in recent memory. “What have I been doing for

Hire Superstars Graphic

What Can Your Sales Leader Teach You About Hiring?

Hiring a superstar to join your team could be your company’s most important sale. Revenue is critical, but your people will make or break your company. Superstar hires can multiply your sales – even if they are not in a sales position. Poor hires will do the exact opposite while driving your superstars away. Think

Give Back: SAFE Volunteer Event

One of our Core Values at CareerPlug is Give Back. The CareerPlug team put that value into action today by spending the morning volunteering with SAFE — a merger of Austin Children’s Shelter and SafePlace, both long-standing and respected human service agencies in Austin serving the survivors of child abuse, sexual assault and exploitation, and

The four essentials to building a hiring process that identifies the best and brightest

How Many Stars Would You Give Your Hiring Process?

Better yet…How many stars would your applicants give it? How about your hiring managers? Or your leaders? Your new hires? All of these ratings matter, so sweat the details. It’s the little things that you do as an organization that make you who you are and have helped you succeed with your customers. Too often,

The Pluggies: Celebrating CareerPlug’s 10th Birthday

CareerPlug was founded on the first day of summer (June 21st) back in 2007. In typical startup fashion, Clint Smith, our founder and President, worked out his apartment for the first couple years along with the company’s first employee Garrett Wilson (today our Director of Operations). Now, in less than a month, CareerPlug officially turns

Would You Apply to Your Jobs?

There was a time when candidates, particularly those paid hourly, were willing to spend 20-30 minutes (sometimes up to an hour) on a job application. This was the standard. It was simply the way things were done. Well, not anymore. Most candidates are no longer willing to complete long applications upfront. There are too many

Building Your Talent Magnet

Do Candidates Know (and Care) About Your Jobs?

Thousands of companies are hiring at this very moment. Some of them are your direct competitors. But this isn’t your only competition. Does Domino’s Pizza compete with Uber? Maybe not directly in business, but they definitely compete when it comes to recruiting employees. What are the most important hires that you need to make? Who