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Bright Angel Scholar Award 2017

Today the CareerPlug team attended the Shining Stars Luncheon – an event hosted by Foster Angels of Central Texas to honor local foster youth. CareerPlug sponsors the Bright Angel Scholars Award, one of the awards presented at today’s event. This scholarship — developed in 2015 in close partnership with Foster Angels — awards $10,000 to a former foster

Broadcast your jobs to attract more applicants

Why Should I Work For You?

“Why should I work for you?” Candidates may not ask you this question directly, but they are definitely asking themselves. Candidly, there are some candidates that you never saw because they answered this question for themselves before they decided to not apply for your job. This may sound harsh, but consider this: how many times

Build a better hiring process

3 Essential Components of a Superstar Hiring Process

At CareerPlug we know that our people are the heart of our business. It is our people who execute our mission and vision and live our values every day. Having the right people in place has empowered us to innovate, explore, and grow as a company. And this isn’t unique to us – HR leaders

The Best Places To Post Your Jobs

Fishing for the Perfect Hire The right candidate will rarely walk through your front door right when you need them.  That would be like a fisherman waiting for the catch of the day to jump into the boat!  A skilled fisher knows that having the right equipment and the right location matters in making that

Product Update: Partnership With ZipRecruiter

We are excited to announce a new partnership with ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter is one of the leading job search platforms in the country, serving millions of job seekers each month. ZipRecruiter’s platform includes the #1 rated job search app on Android and iOS and 40 million+ job alert email subscribers. How Does It Work? Step 1: Post a job

Need More Applicants? Make It Easier To Apply

Why Complex Applications Are Deterring Applicants A job application is like a handshake: an introduction that can leave a lasting first impression for hiring managers and candidates. While hiring managers are looking for the right candidate, job seekers are looking for the right company. It’s reasonable to expect candidates to put their best foot forward

3 Tips For Writing Better Job Descriptions

Writing stellar job descriptions is one of the first steps a company can take to give job seekers a great candidate experience. After all, these preliminary interactions set the tone of the working relationship. Set the right tone by showcasing your opportunity in a candidate-friendly way with these three tips for better job descriptions. Use

the job search process

How The Job Search Process Has Changed

Ahem, The Job Search Process Has Changed Remember when it was common for companies to hang a “Help Wanted” sign in their storefront when they were looking to hire? Ya, a lot sure has changed in the last ten years. In today’s fast technological times, where one can order a car or food instantly from

workplace goals with the CHANGE method

Achieving Workplace Goals With CHANGE

The New Year just began and already people are setting goals and implementing new practices throughout the workplace. Sadly, The University of Scranton reports that 92% of people will fail at accomplishing their New Year’s goal. This can come off as defeating to leaders of organizations trying to adopt company-wide goals. However, there should be

Giving Back: Toys for Teens 2016

Happy Holidays!  On behalf of the entire CareerPlug team, we would like to thank you for partnering with us this past year. In 2016, we have grown our team, innovated our product offerings, and set a bright vision for the future.  We are grateful for the opportunity to help you find the right people to