How to use the DACUM Method
to Organize Your Training Curriculum

You know you need to train your employees but you’re worried you won’t capture every small detail about what it takes to do their job to the best of their ability. With so much material to cover, where do you start? Enter The DACUM Method DACUM—an acronym for “Developing a Curriculum.” First invented at Ohio

6 Ways to Improve the Content on your Careers Page

Franchises, restaurants and businesses of all shapes and sizes are constantly in sales mode- either selling their product to customers, their business idea to investors, or their employment opportunities to candidates. These days, hiring has become a two-way street. Just as employers evaluate candidates, those same candidates are sizing up potential employers. And some of

The Franchisee Journey

The Importance of People at Each Step In February, I attended the International Franchise Association (IFA) conference in Phoenix. One of the most memorable sessions that I attended was the Franchise Relations Summit. Greg Nathan hosted the session along with a group of executives and franchisees. The framework for the session intrigued me: it followed the

Who’s On Your Bus?

This might be the most important question you ask yourself this year. There are three essential components of a successful business: strategy, people, and process. Someone recently asked me which one was most important. My mind immediately went to Jim Collins. Here’s how he put it in Good to Great: “The executives who ignited the

What’s Your Talent GPA?

Earlier this year, I learned about a retail chain and the insights they gained from a unique way of measuring the training their team members had received. They developed a calculation for a Store IQ based on the number of cumulative hours that all team members from that store had spent in training. Unsurprisingly, the

What’s the Moneyball Stat for Restaurants?

Last week, I attended the HotSchedules Spark conference – an event that brought together restaurant operators and innovators for a couple of days to discuss what’s next in the industry. I was grateful to be invited to speak about becoming a Talent Magnet for today’s jobseekers. The most interesting presentation was given by TDN2K, a

What’s Your Bread & Butter?

How​ ​Top​ ​Austin​ ​Restaurants​ ​Attract​ ​and​ ​Retain​ ​Talent Austin is home to an impressive restaurant scene and a number of fast-growing chains, including Torchy’s Tacos, Hopdoddy, and Alamo Drafthouse. Despite hundreds of people moving here each week, Austin has maintained an incredibly low unemployment rate – creating significant recruiting challenges for restaurants in our hometown.

What Can Your College Football Coach Teach You About New Hire Onboarding?

I’m a big college football fan, more specifically a big Florida Gators fan. Sometimes I’m reluctant to share this because not everyone loves the Gators as much as me. In fact, I had a client write me last week and say that he had to reconsider his relationship with CareerPlug since he is a Florida

CareerPlug strives to live up to our core values every day

How We Onboard At CareerPlug

We have a vision at CareerPlug to build one of the best places to work in Austin. Part of that vision means setting the standard for great hiring and new hire onboarding. To build the best place to work, we need to attract and keep the best people. As a hiring and onboarding software company,

CareerPlug helps you create a recipe to consistently make great hires

What’s the Recipe for Consistently Great Hires?

If you make consistently great hires, your business is more likely to be successful. And as a small business owner or leader, the first hurdle is learning how to hire great people yourself—you are the first ingredient in the recipe. But not every leader knows what exactly that recipe is. Many of us improvise when