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Hiring software easy enough to use for any owner, manager, team member... even your company mascot.


Post jobs to thousands of candidates in minutes!

The way people search for jobs has changed, and we can help them find you. In minutes you can create attractive job postings and automatically distribute them to high-traffic job boards like Indeed, the #1 job search site in the country.

Chad Benedict
My company received more applicants in the first two weeks of using CareerPlug than we did the entire previous year.
Chad Benedict, Gold’s Gym

Add hours back to your workday.

Your time is valuable. Too valuable to be filling in hiring spreadsheets, clearing unqualified applicants from your inbox, and composing individual rejection letters. CareerPlug’s online Applicant Tracking System can give that time back to you. With an intuitive hiring process, click & send email templates, and interview scheduling, we make it easy for you to stay organized and take back your workday.

Rusty Smith
Not only does CareerPlug make the hiring process more organized and efficient – it’s actually kind of fun (maybe because it eliminates the folders and subfolders I normally create in Outlook to handle the steps in the hiring process).
Scott Faust, FreightPros

Identify your next A-Player with Benchmark Assessments.

"I wish I could clone Stephen. He's my top performer."

We hear this all of the time. While we can’t clone an army of Stephens, we can offer you the next best thing: unlimited access to our validated benchmark assessments. They compare how an applicant’s personality and aptitude stack up with the scores of your current top performers. You’ll also have interview guides incorporating these scores, making it easy for you to ask the right follow up questions.

Mallory Wolfe
The CareerPlug assessments have helped create a high standard for our hiring practices. We know we are interviewing and hiring well-educated, critical thinkers who will be an asset to our company.
Mallory Wolfe, Carolina One Real Estate
Hi Erica,I reviewed your new sales rep posting and I have a few ideas that will help you attract more applicants from your industry.

Partner with your Dedicated Account Manager.

Some companies in our industry try to make extra money by charging for phone support, and their phone numbers are nowhere to be found. We take the opposite approach. Your Dedicated Account Manager will provide you with personalized, proactive service.

By the way, our phone number is


Rusty Smith
I am a raving fan of their customer service! I have had several interactions with CareerPlug, and each and every time I am made to feel as an important and special client. At this point, I just want to be a part of the services to watch the company grow and be a part of its excellence!
Chance Perry, State Farm Agent

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Growing Businesses

You want to help take your company to the next level, but you need a great team to get there. CareerPlug's simple and efficient hiring software gives you the tools to attract and hire top candidates. With a strong team behind you, your company will have the support and talent you need to succeed.

Franchise Systems

As a franchisor, you want to help your Zees hire better people –but you can only do so much. CareerPlug specializes in providing franchisees with an affordable hiring system that attracts the right type of applicants and helps maintain branding and compliance standards.