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Retail businesses use CareerPlug to attract, evaluate, and hire both frontline and management professionals for their stores. By making better hiring decisions these companies have been able to build stronger teams and reduce their employee turnover.

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Companies that service homes & businesses rely on skilled professionals — from carpenters to technicians to project managers — to deliver high-quality services for their customers. CareerPlug helps these companies attract qualified candidates when they need them most -- removing the biggest growth obstacle for this type of business.

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Finding the right person to join your team is a challenge. Insurance and Financial Services companies use CareerPlug to take charge of their hiring process: from creating attractive job posting and sorting new candidates, to conducting reference checks and making that perfect offer.

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Both Full and Quick Service restaurants use CareerPlug to efficiently hire and onboard new employees — both front of the house and back of the house — without missing a beat. Resources like interview and reference check guides ensure that all hiring managers are using a consistent process to identify the right people for their unique culture.

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Health & Fitness businesses use CareerPlug to maximize the number of applicants for their open positions, which could include club managers, membership sales representatives, and personal trainers. This allows hiring managers to be more selective and build a healthier, more supportive team.

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Automotive Retail & Service companies find that using CareerPlug helps centralize their hiring process and attract the talented technicians, service advisors, and sales representatives that they need. With branded, personalized career pages and targeted prescreen questions, companies are set up to make the best hiring decisions.

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Franchisors want to help their franchisees hire better people, but they can only do so much. CareerPlug specializes in providing franchisees with an affordable hiring system that attracts the right type of applicants and helps maintain branding and compliance standards.

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Wireless Advantage

Reduced Employee Turnover

"I cannot imagine our business today without CareerPlug. The tool has organized our process, made us have a more professional look and feel, and allowed us to make significantly better hires and lower our turnover by over 25%. The team at CareerPlug delivers a quality product at a price that any small business can afford."
- Chad Wester, Wireless Advantage
Company Overview

Founded in 2001, Wireless Advantage is a Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer based in Dothan, AL. In the last decade the company has expanded to over 40 store locations. Before CareerPlug, their talent pipeline relied heavily on a major job board with limited postings and paper resumes, and when applications came in Wireless Advantage used a combination of emails and spreadsheets to track and move applicants through their hiring process.

Their Challenge

Wireless Advantage needed a way to distribute their job postings widely and effectively without tying up their recruiting budget in a single site or posting. They also needed a solution to create a centralized and organized hiring process that would be easy to use for all of their store managers. This lack of a centralized hiring process contributed to a higher employee turnover rate for their store positions as well as made it difficult for the corporate office to monitor the recruitment and staffing process. Wireless Advantage needed to hire long-term employees who could build relationships and experience over years at the company, and as a result enhance the level of expertise they offered their customers.

Our Solution

CareerPlug and Wireless Advantage worked together to implement the hiring software at all Wireless Advantage locations. CareerPlug was able to distribute job postings to multiple top traffic job boards and work with Wireless Advantage to create postings that would be visible and attractive to quality applicants. Wireless Advantage also began using candidate personality assessments offered by a partner who is integrated with CareerPlug. The assessment data and clear hiring steps laid out in the software allowed managers to easily evaluate and track applicants, which led to more consistent and effective hiring decisions across the company. As Wireless Advantage worked with CareerPlug to make quality hires, Wireless Advantage began to see significantly reduced turnover across the organization.

Gold’s Gym Houston


"CareerPlug's Recruitment System is a true game changer, which easily allowed us to quickly meet our hiring & staffing objective. We now have higher quality staff and lower turnover which is reflected by our reduction in job openings. "
- Chad Benedict, Gold's Gym
Company Overview

Gold’s Gym Houston, part of the Gold’s Gym franchise group, has six locations in the Houston area. Gold’s Houston advertised for open positions with “we’re hiring” signs posted throughout their gyms and spoke one-on-one with members about job opportunities. Each location handled their talent pool and hiring process differently.

Their Challenge

Gold’s Houston wasn’t generating the applicant flow they needed from their current channels and was struggling to make the hires they needed to run their business. They needed to attract a higher quantity and quality of applicants, as well as find a way to standardize their hiring process so all locations could understand and use it effectively. In fact, in 2014 the company made ‘Hiring & Staffing’ one of their main objectives for the year, focusing on finding solutions to centralizing their hiring process and increasing applicant flow.

Our Solution

CareerPlug worked with Gold’s Gym to implement our system and distribute their job postings to high-traffic job boards, making their positions visible and attractive to applicants. By utilizing the system at all of their locations, they were able to standardize their hiring material and efficiently communicate their hiring process to all owners and managers. Gold’s Gym Houston began to see an immediate increase in applicants and actually received more applicants during the first two weeks using CareerPlug than during the entire previous two years.

Handyman Connection


"We set out to find a solution to increase our applicant flow and streamline our recruiting process, and we found that and more with CareerPlug. Their support staff has been top notch, and since the official launch our organization has beat year ago sales numbers six of the last seven months. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. "
- Chris Igou, Handyman Connection
Company Overview

Handyman Connection is a home repair company founded in 1991 whose current 60+ franchisees operate throughout North America. Their franchisees rely on having skilled craftsmen on their team to serve their customers. In the past, their recruiting efforts focused on online classified advertisements and each franchisee used his/her own process for recruiting qualified craftsmen.

Their Challenge

Handyman Connection franchisees were not attracting enough qualified applicants to meet their needs, and some franchisees were turning away business as a result. Additionally there was no uniform process to engage and recruit qualified craftsmen. Handyman Connection wanted to develop a consistent process for their franchisees to attract, evaluate and retain enough qualified craftsmen to meet the needs of their growing organization.

Our Solution

CareerPlug worked with Handyman Connection not only to distribute their job postings to top job boards, but also to build a careers page that could sell candidates on the benefits of working with Handyman Connection. CareerPlug and Handyman Connection developed a standardized recruiting process that can be used by every franchisee to achieve predictable results. This process includes a custom assessment that could evaluate the skillset of a potential hire – testing their knowledge of skilled trades including plumbing, electrical and carpentry. With these tools, many franchisees have been able to hire skilled craftsmen who have been able to make an immediate contribution. While there are still some challenges with getting all of the franchisees to use the system to its potential, CareerPlug and Handyman Connection are excited about the progress being made and the prospective value once all franchisees are fully engaged.

Planet Fitness


"We chose to use CareerPlug due to its clean design, its simplicity and ease of use. We have gotten rave reviews from our Club Managers, and at PF Headquarters [CareerPlug] has dramatically improved our hiring workflow and saved us valuable time and money. I have used a variety of applicant tracking systems and I would definitely rate CareerPlug to be best in class! "
- Sandy Vitti, Planet Fitness
Company Overview

Planet Fitness is one of the most successful and fastest growing fitness franchises in the country, with over 900 locations across North America and over 6 million members. Their corporate headquarters (HQ) previously used an applicant tracking system (ATS) that they found difficult to navigate and not user friendly. Planet Fitness club managers were not utilizing an ATS. They were using independent hiring processes which focused on online classified ads. Walk-in applicants and online applicants were instructed to submit a general employment application, which did not specify what role they were applying to. The resume database was difficult and cumbersome for the club managers to navigate through.

Their Challenge

Planet Fitness HQ was expanding their corporate team and needed a resource to support their growing hiring needs. Since their corporate office positions required relocation to New Hampshire, it was important to them to sell potential applicants not only on the position, but also on the lifestyle benefits of their location. Club managers wanted a simple way to increase their applicant pool and improve their current application process, which was cumbersome for both managers and candidates – particularly those who wanted to apply from a mobile device.

Our Solution

CareerPlug built a custom careers page for Planet Fitness HQ, where they could present company photos and details about moving to the area. Planet Fitness HQ found CareerPlug’s software to be intuitive and easy to use. They subsequently rolled out the system to their corporate-owned fitness clubs along with a streamlined, mobile-friendly application process. In the first month, these clubs received 5 times more applicants than the previous month. This success led Planet Fitness to offer CareerPlug’s hiring software to all of their franchise owner groups with the same application process and integration to the Planet Fitness website. The significant increase in applicant flow and streamlined hiring processes have helped Planet Fitness franchisees keep their hiring on pace with their rapid expansion.

The Richard Morrett Insurance Agency

73% Less Time Spent on Hiring

"The entire process makes wading through potential candidates EASY. We use the assessments to eliminate the ‘time wasters’. The entire process saves us weeks of time! "
- Maureen Goetze, Office Representative
Company Overview

Dick Morrett has been a State Farm Agent in Lebanon, PA since 1970. He serves customers throughout Pennsylvania and earned awards such as the National Mutli-line Sales Award and the National Quality Award. With a small team of six, including Dick, their agency is committed to making a big impact.

Their Challenge

While going strong for over forty years in the insurance world, it became clear that Dick’s team was spending too much time recruiting. Between sorting through resumes, proctoring assessments, and keeping up with candidate communication, their small business was spending 10-15 hours a week on hiring. This was a significant portion of time when team members could be focused on other priorities. Something had to change.

Our Solution

The Richard Morrett Insurance Agency partnered with CareerPlug in 2013 and immediately received a return on their investment in hours they spent recruiting. They reduced their time spent hiring each week to just 2-4 hours --a 73% time savings -- due to their new ability to manage the process in one centralized platform and use integrated assessments to identify top candidates. This was essential when they experienced some unexpected turnover and needed to find strong replacement hires as soon as possible. The easy-to-use system and the exceptional customer service CareerPlug provides turned the Agency into raving fans.

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