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Hourly applicant flow increased by 400%. We love the features, mobile capability, competitive pricing and amazing customer support.
Jamie Starner, Talent Acquisition Manager, CareerPlug customer
Jamie Starner, Talent Acquisition Manager
Golden Corral, CareerPlug client
Perkins, CareerPlug client
Kona Grill, CareerPlug client

Our Approach to Restaurants

CareerPlug’s Restaurant Hiring Software is designed with your needs in mind. Whether you are a full or quick-service restaurant, we know you depend on quality team members to serve your customers. Our new clients often tell us they have struggled to make hires who meet their team’s expectations and stick around to become high performers. With hiring managers focusing on managing rather than recruiting, hiring often falls to chance.

We work with restaurant and hospitality businesses to make hiring easier through our simple recruiting software. Managers save time and make better hiring decisions using interview and reference check guides, customized assessments, and an easy-to-use applicant tracking system.

  • Attract qualified front-of-house and back-of-house candidates
  • Utilize easy tools and resources to make better hiring decisions
  • Save time by managing the hiring process in one centralized platform
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Health & Fitness

CareerPlug's Recruitment System is a true game changer, which easily allowed us to quickly meet our hiring & staffing objective. We now have higher quality staff and lower turnover which is reflected by our reduction in job openings.
Chad Benedict, Gold's Gym, CareerPlug customer
Chad Benedict, Gold's Gym
Hand & Stone, CareerPlug client
Crunch Fitness, CareerPlug client
My Gym, CareerPlug client

Our Approach to Health & Fitness

CareerPlug’s Fitness Hiring Software was designed with the understanding that Health & Fitness businesses value the impact their employees have on their customers. From club managers to personal trainers, a high-quality of service creates your company’s culture and reputation. However, many health and fitness businesses struggle to attract the candidates they need to make quality hires.

We work with over 4,000 health and fitness clubs maximize their quantity of applicants and streamline their hiring process through our recruiting software and applicant tracking system. With a larger applicant pool and improved process, manager can be more selective and thoroughly evaluate candidates to make the right hiring decision for their team.

  • Attract candidates who fit in with your club’s unique culture
  • Make better hiring decisions to reduce employee turnover
  • Build a consistent hiring process to make consistent hires
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Home, Health, & Senior Care

We wanted to increase our applicant flow and streamline our recruiting process, and we found that and more with CareerPlug. Since the official launch, our organization has beat year-ago sales numbers 6 of the last 7 months.
Chris Igou, Handyman Connection, CareerPlug customer
Chris Igou, Handyman Connection
Mr. Handyman, CareerPlug client
Merry Maids, CareerPlug client
Goldfish Swim School, CareerPlug client

Our Approach to Home, Health, & Senior Care

CareerPlug’s Hiring Software for Home, Health & Senior Care helps these companies attract the quality applicants they need, when they need them most. These service companies provide high-quality service that depends on high-quality professionals. Whether your business recruits technicians, sales representatives, project managers, or caretakers, you need qualified candidates who meet your high standards. Yet, without the tools to find and evaluate applicants, many companies struggle to make the hires they need to grow their business.

We understand that understaffing can be the biggest growth obstacle and designed our recruiting software to not only make it easy to make great hires when you need them, but to build a pipeline of qualified candidates with our easy-to-ease applicant tracking system. Our work with home, business, and field service companies showed us that having an easy, effective recruiting plan can ensure success and growth.

  • Attract professionals who meet your high-quality service standards
  • Reduce employee turnover by making better hiring decisions
  • Build a talent pipeline to prepare for future growth
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CareerPlug organized our process, gave us a more professional look, and allowed us to make significantly better hires and lower our turnover by over 25%. It's a quality product at a price that any small business can afford.
Chad Wester, Wireless Advantage, CareerPlug customer
Chad Wester, Wireless Advantage
Fry’s Electronics, CareerPlug client
Sprint, CareerPlug client

Our Approach to Retail

CareerPlug’s Retail Hiring Software works with retail businesses to empower managers to make better hires and grow quality teams without losing focus on day-to-day operations. All multi-location retail companies – from grocery stores to wireless outlets – depend on consistent products and services to build a positive brand. However, they don’t always rely on a consistent hiring process. Managers often lack the resources to effectively recruit; after all, hiring is usually a secondary responsibility to running a store. The result: sub-par hires and high employee turnover.

Our easy-to-use recruiting software and applicant tracking system enables retail companies to design a consistent hiring process that fits their needs and leads to better hires. Having the right people on your team improves customer experience and positively influences your company’s brand. And with the hiring process made easier, retail managers can spend less time on recruiting while reducing employee turnover and increasing performance.

  • Attract, evaluate, hire and onboard quality customer service team members
  • Make hires that will stick around and become brand carriers
  • Design a hiring process to consistently hire superstars
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Insurance & Financial

The entire process makes wading through potential candidates EASY. We use the assessments to eliminate the ‘time wasters’.
The entire process saves us weeks of time!
Maureen Goetze, Office Representative, CareerPlug customer
Maureen Goetze, Office Representative
Mass Mutual Financial Group, CareerPlug client
Liberty Mutual, CareerPlug client
New York Life, CareerPlug client

Our Approach to Insurance & Financial

CareerPlug’s Hiring Software for Insurance & Financial Businesses helps companies build a hiring process that results in better hiring decisions while saving managers time on recruiting. Insurance and financial companies need the right people on the team to make a positive impact and grow their business. From top performing sales executives to expert financial advisors or detail-oriented office managers, making the right hire isn’t easy without the resources to attract and evaluate quality candidates

We designed our applicant tracking system to streamline the recruiting process, so hiring managers can create attractive job postings, manage candidates, and utilize effective hiring tools all within one, easy-to-use platform.  From attracting quality candidates, empowering better hiring decisions, and saving hiring managers time, we make hiring easier for Insurance & Financial businesses.

  • Attract high-performing candidates to grow your business
  • Build a process to consistently make great hiring decisions
  • Save time by managing the hiring process in a centralized platform
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In the first month, these clubs received 5x more applicants than the previous month...
Sandy Vitti, Planet Fitness, CareerPlug customer
Sandy Vitti, Planet Fitness
Dunkin Donuts, CareerPlug client
Planet Fitness, CareerPlug client
Firehouse Subs, CareerPlug client

Our Approach to Franchises

CareerPlug’s Franchise Hiring Software specializes in providing franchisees with an affordable, easy-to-use talent management system. Franchise systems depend on talented people at all levels of the business to grow and succeed. As a franchisor, the success of your franchisees is important to that you, and that includes helping them build strong teams.

We designed our recruiting and applicant tracking software to help decentralized businesses streamline their hiring process and consistently make better hiring decisions.  With effective recruiting tools on hand, hiring managers are able to target candidates right for their business and then smoothly onboard new hires. CareerPlug not only empowers franchisees to make smarter hires and save time, but also helps ensure that brand and compliance standards are maintained throughout the hiring process.

  • Give your franchisees the tools to make better hires
  • Make hiring easier with a streamlined hiring process
  • Maintain brand and compliance standards

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