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CareerPlug’s Retail Applicant Tracking System (ATS) works with retail businesses to empower managers to make better hires and grow quality teams without losing focus on day-to-day operations. All multi-location retail companies – from grocery stores to wireless outlets – depend on consistent products and services to build a positive brand. However, they don’t always rely on a consistent hiring process. Managers often lack the resources to effectively recruit; after all, hiring is usually a secondary responsibility to running a store. The result: sub-par hires and high employee turnover.

Our easy-to-use recruiting software and ATS enables retail companies to design a consistent hiring process that fits their needs and leads to better hires. Having the right people on your team improves customer experience and positively influences your company’s brand. And with the hiring process made easier, retail managers can spend less time on recruiting while reducing employee turnover and increasing performance.

  • Attract, evaluate, hire and onboard quality customer service team members
  • Make hires that will stick around and become brand carriers
  • Design a hiring process to consistently hire superstars

Ana Ortiz

Human Resources Manager

The prescreen questions and scores has substantially reduced the time it takes my managers to go through resumes, call candidates and make job offers!

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