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Simplify interview scheduling with CareerPlug. With integrations
for all major calendar apps, candidates can easily find a time
that fits their schedule and yours.

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Eliminate Scheduling Annoyances

We’ve all experienced the rigmarole of finding an interview time that fits both your schedule and a prospective employee. Avoid annoying back-and-forth emails by using CareerPlug’s interview scheduling tool.  You can block off time on your calendar, which candidates can view and select a time that works for them.




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System is seamless, intuitive for both the company and the candidate. Allows the hiring process to be paperless. Electronic scheduling of candidates is probably my favorite component.

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Don’t Miss Your Next Great Hire

An unorganized and inefficient hiring process can significantly impact your ability to quickly find and contact high-quality candidates. If you’re not keeping up with communication and moving candidates through the process, you’re likely to lose top talent to competing employers.  A poorly run process can reflect negatively on your company and leave qualified candidates with a bad impression.


CareerPlug is built around a proven hiring process designed to help you hire the right people faster. Our easy-to-use recruiting software automates many manual steps – from distributing job postings to evaluating candidates to automating interview scheduling.


Deliver a Great Candidate Experience

More than 50% of job seekers have declined an offer due to a poor experience during the hiring process. What’s more: 30% rank responsiveness as the most important factor in a candidate experience. Lucky for you, CareerPlug’s hiring process automations allow you to review and email your new applicants with professional, pre-written email templates in just one click. Avoid roadblocks and make the experience easier with an applicant tracking system like CareerPlug.




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Makes hiring a breeze! I love being able to advance candidates through hiring process and have all communication in one place.

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