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Don’t lose top talent to competing employers. With CareerPlug’s text
recruiting, you can quickly send and reply to text messages to keep
candidates moving through the hiring process.

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Increase Applicant Response Rates by 8X

The average response time for an email is 90 minutes compared to just 90 seconds for an SMS text message (according to CTIA). Moreover, text messages have an 8X higher response rate than email (according to Cellit). CareerPlug text recruiting gives you the ability to reach more candidates, faster, and keep them engaged throughout the screening and interview process.


The text recruiting feature is fantastic. It’s simple, gets a fairly immediate response, and it’s considerably faster than any other option.

Revive Unresponsive Applicants

We know how frustrating it can be to waste your time with unresponsive applicants. Text messages are far more effective at eliciting a response, even after you have reached out by email or delivered a voice message. This allows you to quickly identify the most interested candidates, which in turn will help reduce your time to hire.

Clients who use our texting feature have a 32% faster time-to-hire rate. Learn more about optimizing your recruitment funnel to hire faster.


Stay Compliant and Safe

With CareerPlug, you can rest assured that all correspondence is stored electronically in a secure and compliant environment. All of your messages will be sent through our text recruiting platform, which allows you to reach out to candidates without them receiving your personal phone number.


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