How to Find Employees: Office Pride Case Study

Hiring is a full-time job. Most franchise owners are busy running their business and don’t have much time to spend on recruiting and hiring. Although recruiting and hiring takes time, there are tools out there to save you time and let you work on what you do best, your business.

Recently, we started working with Office Pride, a growing franchise system, to get them the candidates they needed to help grow their business. We implemented our hiring software for Office Pride franchisees to not only help them make better hiring decisions, but also to save time.

Below we will look at how we helped one Office Pride franchisee find employees to build his business.

Save Time with CareerPlug

Missing Employees: Is it time to grow your staff?

Mark Eckels has been an Office Pride franchise owner for 4 years. Prior to using CareerPlug, Eckels was not using an applicant tracking to system (ATS) to recruit and hire. As a franchise owner for 4 years, Eckels realized that if he wanted his business to grow, he needed to add to his staff.

Recruiting and hiring is a time intensive process. You have to put in effort into the process in order to get the best candidates.

Many franchisees struggle to maximize their efficiency in regard to recruiting and hiring. Eckels himself was spending far too much time going through resumes to find candidates. He was also not evaluating candidates on a proven method.

When recruiting and hiring take up a large portion of your day and you can’t seem to find the right employees, it can be easy to give up.

Finding the Right Employees is Possible

If it is time to build your staff to grow your business and you struggle with hiring, you may want to consider using an ATS. An ATS can help maximize the number of people who view your jobs and help you filter through applicants to find the right candidate.

CareerPlug worked fast to implement our hiring software for Office Pride franchisees, like Mark Eckels. We built out customized careers pages, easy-to-use job templates, personality assessments, and one-click job posting to major job boards for Office Pride franchisees to utilize. Using these tools can help to make hiring easier.

In fact, Eckels says he saves over 10 hours a week in recruiting and hiring and receives five times as many applicants with CareerPlug. The prescreen questions have especially been a huge help for him as they narrow the applicant pool so Eckels can easily find the most qualified candidates.

Time Saved with CareerPlug

Keep Searching for Employees, Even When You Don’t Need Them

Recruiting and evaluating applicants should not just be something that is done when you need to find employees though. It’s important to be constantly recruiting; you never know when an employee might leave.

Using an ATS can create a consistent process to make better hiring decisions by building a talent pipeline. Thanks to CareerPlug, Eckels now has a consistent process for future success. Our system has already helped him build a talent pipeline from scratch within the first two months.

By keeping his job postings open all year, people continue to apply to his franchise. This means that whenever Eckels is ready to hire, he has a pool of candidates ready to go.

To learn more about CareerPlug’s all-in-one hiring software, check out Why CareerPlug or Request a Demo.

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