Grow Your Business with CareerPlug: Molly Maid Case Study

At some point you may realize that you have maximized your business’ production based on your resources. You may even find yourself turning down business because you don’t have the resources to complete requests. If that’s the case, you probably know you need to hire people to grow your business.

Recruiting and hiring is not the easiest task, however. For anyone who’s main job isn’t recruiting and hiring, you will realize this early on. There are many different job boards and software to help you hire. You might even be wondering what makes a good job post. If you struggle to hire, it’s time to turn to an applicant tracking system (ATS) to save you time and take back your work week.

As a top choice for franchises and independent operators, we have helped numerous franchisees make better hiring decisions through our ATS.

Below we will take a look at how a Molly Maid franchisee was able to grow their business with CareerPlug. You can follow this process as well to help grow your business.

Is Recruiting Stopping Your Business from Growing?

Kara Gobel is a Molly Maid franchisee serving areas around Indianapolis. She has been with the brand for 15 years. While her business has grown steadily over time, her staff has been able to handle all new requests. Recently, she found it increasingly difficult to complete requests with her current staff. Kara knew at this point that if she wanted to grow her business, she needed to hire more staff.

Once Kara realized that she needed to hire, she set out to get her job openings posted wherever she could. Kara used a combination of recruiting platforms to try to find quality applicants.

Even though Kara was putting in a strong effort to attract qualified candidates, she was constantly receiving unqualified applicants. The recruiting platforms she was using were not screening applicants for the requirements she needed.

Kara also did not have the tools to target Spanish speakers, which make up a large portion of her applicant pool, properly.

Finally, Kara also needed a better way of communicating with her candidates. Using phone calls as the only method to speak to candidates was proving unsuccessful as many candidates could not answer the phone if they were working another job.

Staff Growth

Using Hiring Software to Grow Your Business

CareerPlug worked with Kara and other Molly Maid franchisees to fill their needs to receive more quality applicants and better hires. We quickly implemented our applicant tracking system which provided tools like prescreen questions, Spanish translation, and email templates.

For Kara, this means that she can now weed out bad applicants before having to go through resumes or contacting applicants. She can also communicate to candidates over email and use email templates, which saves her a ton of time.

The biggest feature for Kara, however, is the ability to refresh job posts. Most businesses post once or twice to job boards. If you aren’t actively monitoring your job posts, they could easily be buried on the last page of job boards and candidates will hardly find them.

Using CareerPlug’s hiring software, Kara has been able to grow her team from 7 to 10 employees. This in turn, has allowed her to grow her business.

To learn more about CareerPlug’s all-in-one hiring software, check out Why CareerPlug or Request a Demo.

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