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CareerPlug is a Top Recruiting Platform, According to Which Wich Franchisee

We’re proud of our standing in the restaurant franchise community as a top recruiting platform, and we partner with more Fast & Serious list brands than any other ATS. Still, it’s nice to get a shout-out!

Quote Mentioning CareerPlug's Recruiting Platform

During the 2018 National Restaurant Association show, our client T.J. Schier, a Which Wich franchisee and president of Dallas-based SMART Restaurant Group, touted CareerPlug as one of his suggested recruiting platforms for restaurant operators to find top-quality talent.

Schier discussed the importance of focusing on ‘A Players’ versus ‘C Players,’ which is one of our core tenets.

Social media was also endorsed as a recruitment tool by Schier, a tool that CareerPlug advocates as well, along with using text messaging to reach younger employees. Text messaging is a new feature that we are rolling out to our recruiting platform in mid-July.

An excerpt:

Maintaining a restaurant’s culture of high performance requires hiring so-called “A Players” and getting rid of “C Players,” Schier said. That begins with hiring top workers, he said, which requires measuring their ability to perform. Hiring teams need to gauge potential employees’ behaviors.

“We ask them soft-ball questions just to reinforce our gut feel, but we don’t actually measure anything,” Schier said.

Restaurants need to define the skills and traits by position and then hire workers that match those definitions, he said.

Restaurant operators need to recruit in the right places, or “fish where the right fish are.” Employing the analogy of the best place to catch a shark — in an ocean, not in a lake — Schier suggested posting job recruitment ads where potential workers are most likely to see them.

Schier also suggested new places to fish, such as employment platforms like…CareerPlug….

Read the full article here. Even better, find out Why Careerplug is the best hiring software for your business or Request a Demo.

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