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The Power in Going Paperless

Today’s workforce operates at the speed of light, every minute of the workday is strategically planned. The wireless industry strives for a continuous mindset of progressiveness. In a field that constantly looks to the future, why should hiring be any different? Switching operations centered around stacks of paper to an online administrative system is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to make hiring most effective. The power is truly in going paperless. Hours of paperwork sorting and filing can now be at the click of a finger. In a society that believes time is money, going paperless can save you exponentially.

Many fears for going paperless are synonymous with the technology fears from Y2K. While it is a new operation for your company, the concept to remember is simply, less is more. If you are still on the fence, here are a couple of reasons for joining the paperless onboarding revolution.


Having a paperless onboarding system is easy to manage. No filing cabinets or messy stacks of confidential documents. Having access to documents means that you can pull up something in a matter of seconds. Many hiring managers that the new technology would be difficult to maneuver. In reality, there are onboarding systems made to cater to non-tech savvy people. With an intuitive set-up process, it’s easier than ever to hire applicants.

More Engagement

With an online onboarding system, the relationship of applying and hiring aren’t limited to paper documents. Having an online platform allows hiring managers to create more engaging content directly delivered to applicants. Paperless onboarding systems like Careerplug offer multiple  opportunities to further assess applicants and rank the people applying all while being secured in one safe place.

Ahead of the Competition

Having an onboarding system is product of today’s technology. Being able to access and review multiple candidates with one click is an advantage for your industry. The wireless industry has lots of carriers and stores that are also competing to hire the best. Paperless onboarding systems not only let you have access to multiple candidates, but help you select the best qualified from within that large group. This is something a paper onboarding system doesn’t offer. Staying ahead of the competition helps when you build a team that can bring home big results.

If you’re interested about learning more about paperless onboarding systems or CareerPlug’s software, you can request a demo here.


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Justin Zungia is CareerPlug’s Sales & Marketing Intern 

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