Building a Talent Pipeline for Your Fitness Club

Fitness Industry Turnover It’s not the latest fad. Both fitness club memberships and fit club employment demand have been rising across the industry for years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fitness memberships grew 18.6% between 2008 and 2014. These fitness and recreational sports centers employed 533,200 people in 2014, and jobs are expected to grow 8% […]


Insurance: Attracting Millennials

Millennials are Shaping the U.S. Workforce Millennials are a generation that will shape the economy for decades to come. Today, the insurance industry is facing a challenge of recruiting millennials to replace retiring baby boomers. By 2020, 46 percent of all U.S. workers will be millennials. It is essential now more than ever for insurance […]


Insurance: Pipeline Recruiting

Finding Top Talent in the Insurance Industry For the past decade, insurance agencies have struggled to hire qualified employees due to the changing workforce. According to the U.S. Department of Labor there are 5.5 million unfilled jobs, and 49 percent of employers say they are unable to fill many positions because of a lack of […]


Retail: The Hiring Process

Turnover Challenges in Retail Hiring in the retail industry is challenging. Management consulting firm, The Hays Group, estimates turnover among part-time retail employees to be as high as 75 percent. Retraining three quarters of your store’s workforce each year gets expensive. Couple that with the rising costs of providing a competitive wage and it is […]

Personal trainer

Fitness: The Hiring Process

Today, more and more people are looking to get into shape and stay fit. In 2015, U.S. fitness centers had a total membership of approximately 55 million people. Given the growth in revenue and employment opportunities, the fitness industry is seeing a steady need for more trainers and fitness club employees. Staying competitive in the […]


Retail: Avoid the High Price of a Bad Hire

Unceasing Importance of the In-Store Experience It’s clear that the trend from in-store to online shopping has accelerated. However, this doesn’t mean that the importance of retail stores has diminished. While many customers see convenience in being able to shop online, there is still a significant portion of customers who prefer to visit brick and […]

Home Healthcare

Home Healthcare: Fast Track Recruiting

There are over 12 million patients requiring more than 428 million patient visits each year by home healthcare agencies. There are also more than 35,000 companies vying for that business, that means there is A LOT of competition out there when you are looking to hire.  Hiring top quality home health aides for your agency […]


Hotels: Cost of a Bad Hire

The Hotel Industry  The cost of a bad hire can be damaging to any business or organization, but the hotel industry is especially affected by bad hires. With continuous demand for employees within the hospitality industry, there is typically ongoing recruiting and hiring. The need to constantly fill positions causes companies to sometimes settle for […]


Case Study: Marshall Wireless

Sprint Wireless Retailers The wireless industry is growing with consumer demand, and employment opportunities are more abundant than ever.  Wireless retailers now need to identify the right applicants from larger talent pools and hire the people who will stick around, adding to their customer satisfaction and lowering turnover.   Marshall Wireless is a 15 location […]