Retail: Hiring for the Holidays

Seasonal Hiring Demand As a retailer, you know that there are certain spikes in seasonal demand within your business. The increased volume of the holiday season is your #1 time to make a winning impression on your customers. If they have a great experience in your store and with your staff, they are more likely […]


How to Recruit Personal Trainers

Why Certification Matters The popularity of personal training and fitness classes is on the rise as Americans take initiative to become healthier. As gym memberships increase, it becomes even more important that employees are well-equipped to work directly with gym members. Fitness instructors operate in a capacity that holds the organization liable for potential harm […]


How to Reach, Identify, and Recruit Top Wireless Salespeople

Despite Industry Perks, Wireless Retailers Struggle to Retain Sales Talent The wireless sales industry boasts flexible working hours, commission-based pay, and a team-based environment, yet finding the right people to fill sales positions can be a challenge. Over the last 4 years, turnover rates have skyrocketed to 82% in the wireless industry . This leads […]


Building a Talent Pipeline for Your Fitness Club

Fitness Industry Turnover It’s not the latest fad. Both fitness club memberships and fit club employment demand have been rising across the industry for years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fitness memberships grew 18.6% between 2008 and 2014. These fitness and recreational sports centers employed 533,200 people in 2014, and jobs are expected to grow 8% […]


Insurance: Attracting Millennials

Millennials are Shaping the U.S. Workforce Millennials are a generation that will shape the economy for decades to come. Today, the insurance industry is facing a challenge of recruiting millennials to replace retiring baby boomers. By 2020, 46 percent of all U.S. workers will be millennials. It is essential now more than ever for insurance […]


Insurance: Pipeline Recruiting

Finding Top Talent in the Insurance Industry For the past decade, insurance agencies have struggled to hire qualified employees due to the changing workforce. According to the U.S. Department of Labor there are 5.5 million unfilled jobs, and 49 percent of employers say they are unable to fill many positions because of a lack of […]


Retail: The Hiring Process

Turnover Challenges in Retail Hiring in the retail industry is challenging. Management consulting firm, The Hays Group, estimates turnover among part-time retail employees to be as high as 75 percent. Retraining three quarters of your store’s workforce each year gets expensive. Couple that with the rising costs of providing a competitive wage and it is […]