Attract Applicants

Attract Applicants

Build a Talent Magnet to multiply your applicants.

Compelling Job Postings

The best candidates use job postings to evaluate potential employers. Plus our listings are optimized for Indeed to prioritize.

Perfect on Mobile

72% of all online job seekers conduct their job search on Indeed, and ~60% of all external online hires originate here. And we utilize ZipRecruiter, which has quickly become the #2 applicant source for clients.

Automated Job Promotion

Over 50% of candidates apply for jobs from their phone, so it’s vital that you make it easy for them to do so or they will go somewhere else. All jobs posted via CareerPlug are automatically mobile optimized for a better applicant experience—it doesn’t get any easier than that.

Hire Superstars

Hire Superstars

Easily identify the best and brightest.

Managers Love Our
Application Tracking

Our system makes it simple to move applicants through a structured hiring process – from anywhere at any time.

Assess Quickly

We’ll help separate the contenders from the pretenders upfront with prescreening questions and assessments. Use results to benchmark candidates against each other or top performers on your team to narrow down candidates faster.

Evaluate & Hire Accurately

Improve accuracy and consistency with in-depth interview guides and scorecards. Rely on our integrated partner for background checks and references. Close the deal with offer letters that can be reviewed and signed from any device.

Launch New Hires

Launch New Hires

Great onboarding powers great retention.

Ensure Compliance

Take the pain out of new hire forms. Our system ensures that every I-9, W-4, and state or company-specific new hire form is completed correctly with an electronic signature and reviewed by the manager. Completed forms are stored electronically in a secure and compliant environment.

Onboard Consistently

Make it easier for all of your hiring managers to onboard new hires the same way. We can help you streamline the process with New Hire Checklists (like new hire forms and orientation/training) for both employees and managers.

Improve Orientation

CareerPlug’s easy onboarding sets a positive tone between employee and employer, helps minimize employee turnover and improves new hire engagement.

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Attract More Applicants

Attract more applicants by building a talent magnet.

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Hire More Superstars

Build a hiring process to easily identify the best and brightest.

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Launch New Hires

Develop a successful onboarding process.

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