Why CareerPlug?

Because it's harder to grow without us.

Everything we do focuses on ease of use for everyone involved – Applicants, Hiring Managers, Executives and New Hires. And it’s not just our software that makes it easy. Our Client Success and Client Services teams are your partners to help you every step of the way.

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Software for Non-Software People

Tired of recruiting from email/spreadsheets or dealing with software that no one on your team wants to use? We can help. We built CareerPlug to be easy enough for anyone to use from any device.

Rita Kikoen | CareerPlug Client

“I have been using CareerPlug since its launch with Engineering For Kids. This has been a great system for me. I create job posts using existing templates or by creating my own. When I have applicants, I use the whole process that is in place for review, assessments, phone screen, etc. I have added hired employees to my TEAM and been able to use their assessment scores as a benchmark. I utilize the entire system and it is great!”

Rita Kikoen, Engineering For Kids

Proactive, Personalized Support

What if you had a dedicated team of Hiring Experts whose only job is to ensure your success? Our clients really like our software, but they love our Client Success team. Our goal is to make things so simple that you won’t need to worry about contacting us – but we will be ready to assist whenever you do need help.

“We received more applicants in the first 6 months using CareerPlug than we received in an entire year with our previous provider. These powerful results, combined with their easy-to-use software and excellent customer service, have invigorated our recruitment and hiring efforts!”

Deborah Berk, Kona Grill

Concierge Please

Need more applicants? Let us take care of that for you. Sometimes software by itself is not enough. That’s why our Client Services team is here to provide additional resources to increase your applicant flow and make your life easier.

“I have been very pleased with CareerPlug in my recruiting and applicant management needs. They have been incredibly responsive and are always striving to improve the system to make it better. I am in a very low-employment area, so I needed a tool that would help me recruit across a variety of platforms. CareerPlug does just that, and helps us manage their “flow” through the interview process. I highly recommend!”

Joshua Raef, Chick-fil-A

Small Investment, Big Return

Can you put a price on happiness? Maybe not. But we bet you could put a value on hiring more superstars, decreasing your turnover and filling your open positions sooner. We want CareerPlug to be win for your Finance Department too. That’s why we offer fair pricing that makes our partnership a no-brainer investment.

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