Applicant Tracking

Rely on more than a resume to assess candidates.

Hiring can get messy.  A flood of emails.  A handful of spreadsheets.  A memo pad with interview questions.  Without a centralized hiring process you end up wasting your time, cluttering your work life, and risking great candidates slipping through the cracks due to a missed resume or forgotten communication.

CareerPlug walks you through a customizable hiring process so you never miss a step.  Move candidates through the hiring process, keep track of communication and applicant details, and make hires all in one place.  By creating a consistent experience for both candidates and hiring managers, your hiring process will be more thorough, reliable, and ultimately produce better quality hires.

Why Online Applicant Tracking

  • Save time by managing the hiring process in a centralized platform.
  • Build a better recruiting reputation for your company with an organized process.
  • Customize a process unique to your company, resulting in consistently outstanding hires.

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