How Text Recruiting Can Make Hiring Easier

At CareerPlug, we want to make hiring easier, which is why text recruiting is an important part of our hiring software. 

We know that as a small business owner, you’d probably rather spend your time running your business than trying to get in touch with candidates in your hiring pipeline. With text recruiting, you can make your recruitment process more efficient by sending applicants text messages instantaneously from within the software throughout the entire recruitment process. 

But why does that matter? Let’s look at some of the ways text recruiting can be a game-changer for your hiring process. 

Text messages have higher response rates than email 

The average office worker receives more than 100 emails per day and close to half of those are spam. With this volume of emails, it’s no surprise that people put off responding to nearly 37% of emails that need a reply. 

Additional research shows that email has only a 20% open rate – compared to text messages, which have a 98% open rate. The average email gets a response about 6% of the time compared with the average text message, which has a 45% response rate

So if you’ve just sent a candidate an initial email to schedule an interview, following up with a text can be that extra touchpoint that gets a response. It is more likely that your text will be seen, opened, and responded to, which improves communication in the hiring process. 

text vs email response rates

Text messaging captures candidates’ attention 

A full inbox is just one of the many distractions a person deals with in a typical day. When you’re trying to get in touch with and hear back from prospective candidates, it’s important to catch their attention. Text messaging instead of emails or phone calls is one way to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. 

Text messaging grabs your applicant’s attention without the risk of getting lost in their spam folder or becoming just another item on the candidate’s long to-do list. This allows you to quickly identify the most interested candidates and keep the conversation flowing. 

CareerPlug's text recruiting software

Text recruiting helps companies hire faster

In today’s job market, it’s more important than ever before to move quickly with applicants. The highest quality candidates will have lots of options, so a speedy and efficient hiring process can help you improve your chances of making those hires. 

Saving time isn’t only a benefit for the hiring manager. Speed of hiring is especially important for entry-level and hourly employees — 37% of hourly workers list being hired quickly as the most important factor when job seeking. 

Here’s what one of our clients that uses text messaging had to say about it:

client testimonial on text recruiting

Since texts are responded to more frequently and are better at grabbing a candidate’s attention, it’s no surprise that our clients who use our texting feature have a 32% faster time-to-hire rate. If you’re already a CareerPlug client, use the button below to upgrade your account to take advantage of our text recruiting feature and speed up your hiring process. 

Text recruiting can reduce interview no-shows 

People are busy, and for those job seekers applying to multiple jobs at once, it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks. 

Imagine if you forgot to write down your scheduled interview. You likely wouldn’t realize that you missed it until you checked your email hours after it had already passed! With text recruiting, you can send automatic reminders straight to candidates’ phones before the interview, greatly reducing your chance of no-shows. This once again saves you time and frustration. 

Text recruiting and hiring compliance 

Texting with prospective candidates from a personal number can get tricky from a hiring compliance perspective. 

With CareerPlug, you can rest assured that all correspondence is stored electronically in a secure and compliant environment. All of your messages will be sent through our text recruiting platform, which allows you to reach out to candidates without them receiving your personal phone number.

Text recruiting can improve the candidate experience 

Over 58% of job seekers that we surveyed as part of our Candidate Experience Report, reported that a negative candidate experience has caused them to turn down a job. 

One of the big issues that these candidates cited with recent hiring processes was a lack of communication. The majority of job seekers also stated that responsiveness throughout the hiring process was an important factor in their decision to join a company. 

Text recruiting can make it easier to communicate with candidates, which greatly improves the candidate experience. This impacts your ability to get the right candidates to say yes to your job offers. 

Ready to try text recruiting? 

It’s clear that text recruiting can make hiring easier for your business. Text messages have higher response rates than emails and more effectively capture candidates’ attention. This can speed up your hiring process and reduce frustrating interview no-shows. Text recruiting can help you stay compliant through the hiring process and provide your candidates with a great candidate experience. 

All of these things improve your recruitment process and your chances of hiring those “got to have” candidates. If you’re curious to learn more about how CareerPlug’s text messaging automation can boost your recruiting, request a demo today. 

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