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Why Complex Applications Are Deterring Applicants

A job application is like a handshake: an introduction that can leave a lasting first impression for hiring managers and candidates. While hiring managers are looking for the right candidate, job seekers are looking for the right company. It’s reasonable to expect candidates to put their best foot forward at step one of the hiring process, but is your company doing the same?

What’s Going On

It’s tempting to want to learn as much as possible about a candidate as early as you can. However, when this desire manifests into six-page paper applications or 30 screening questions, you’re doing more harm than good. You would never burden a potential customer with hours of upfront paperwork, so why would you do the same for a potential hire?

These lengthy, complex applications don’t just annoy candidates, but deter them from applying altogether. According to Indeed, there is a direct correlation between the number of screening questions and the reduction of applications. For example, there is a 17% reduction in applicants with 10 questions, a 50% reduction with 30 questions, and an 88% reduction with 45+ questions. Job seekers aren’t lazy, they just have other options as more and more employers simplify their process.

Creating the right candidate experience can dramatically improve your talent pipeline. 61% of candidates with a good experience said they would encourage others to apply. On the flip side, 27% of candidates with a bad experience would actively discourage others from applying (via The Talent Board).

What You Can Do

  • Start with what’s most important. As a first step, have applicants submit their resume and answer 3 – 5 of the most important questions. Asking the right questions up front will make it easier to identify top candidates and increase your applicant flow. Once you have this key info you can follow up with a formal application.
  • Make applications mobile friendly. Over 50% of job seekers now use their mobile device to search and apply for jobs. Without mobile-optimized applications, you could be missing out on the perfect candidate.

How CareerPlug Can Help

We work with clients to streamline their hiring process and easily attract, evaluate, and hire top candidates. For more information about how CareerPlug can help your business, contact us at 512-579-0164.

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