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5 Company Culture Elements You Need on a Careers Page

Your company’s careers page serves as the hub of your employer brand. Candidates use it to learn about your company and get a feel as to what it’s like to work for you. A strong careers site helps to compel job seekers to apply. A weak one can deter job seekers from applying and even make candidates who have already applied rule out your company.

As the application process becomes more digital, it is becoming easier for job seekers to apply to multiple jobs instead of just a select few. Today’s job seeker can easily use job search engines and job boards to apply to dozens of jobs per day. That increases the importance of strong employer branding as a differentiator between companies.

In fact, today’s job seeker ranks careers sites as the #1 aspect to learn about a company when researching opportunities. Candidates are even saying they would be more likely to apply for a job if an employer actively maintains their employer brand.

The best careers pages have 5 key elements in common. Having all of these elements will optimize your careers page to attract candidates.

Team Photos

Every careers site should include team photos. Showcasing team photos on your careers page helps potential employees better understand your company culture. 

When adding team photos to your careers page, try to aim for the most authentic content possible. That means you should show pictures of what your employees actually do. If they are going to be cleaning homes, show pictures of employees cleaning homes. If they are going to be fitness trainers, show them training clients. 

The more authentic the content, the more likely candidates are to connect with your brand.

One last note. Try to include team photos at the top of your careers page. A good photo at the top will draw more attention than just a list of job titles or job listings.


Social Media Links

Social media is no longer just for posting photos and updates. It has become a major tool for showcasing employer brand. Candidates are now using social media to learn about job openings and the voices of the companies they are applying to.

Every company careers page should have links to social media pages. In terms of content for your social media pages, the only rules for recruiting are: be consistent in posting content and post your job openings.

Some companies even create social media accounts specifically for career opportunities. This is an effective approach as well.

The big takeaway here: post your jobs on social media!

Company Videos

While written content can be compelling, video content is even more compelling. In fact, most people retain about 9.5x more information from video than text. Videos on a careers page can present a step beyond photos and testimonials.

When it comes to content for videos on a careers page try focusing around testimonials, your company history or values, or employees in action.

Using videos can help to further reinforce what it would be like to work at your company.



By including testimonials on your careers page, you help provide a connection between the candidate and current employees all while boosting excitement about the job opening.

There are a ton of different aspects of your company you could highlight with employee testimonials!

You could have your employees touch on the work-life balance. You could create content that works for both candidates and clients. You could even highlight the growth opportunities present at your company.

When including testimonials, make sure you provide a variety of experiences and show real people (including their work location, photo, and most importantly, a name!).

Check out our blog post on awesome testimonial examples!

Core Values

Last but not least, core values should be on your careers page! While it’s important to show what it’s like to work at your company, it’s equally as important to highlight what your company is all about!

Including core values is a great way of doing this!

The best candidates seek out organizations with core values aligned to their own personal values. Including core values could be an essential selling point, particularly with managerial and other top positions.

Try to include any core values on your careers page AND your job description.

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