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6 Employee Testimonial Examples That Boost Careers Pages

Your company careers page. It’s the most important aspect for candidates when they research a company. Over 70% of candidates conduct their research on a company while over 60% of candidates are prioritizing careers sites for research. That makes for a lot of eyeballs on your careers page.

What about job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn though? Aren’t job seekers going there?

While job seekers are applying for jobs through job boards, the best potential candidates are checking out your careers site. They don’t just want to see a job opening, they want to know what it’s like working at your company. A job description on a job board usually doesn’t show that.

Successfully showing off strong company culture starts with strong social proof.

Things like team photos and videos can do wonders for building your employer brand. Employee testimonials can be an even bigger draw for potential candidates. They show real employees talking about their real experiences at work. What it’s like to work there, the day-to-day, and their favorite parts.


Employee testimonials can also serve as a great way to reach passive candidates. Sure you like your job, but why not work at our company where you’ll LOVE your job! An employee testimonial, when done well, might just be that call to action a great passive candidate needs to work at your company instead.

So, to try and grab those great active and passive candidates, we put together some of our clients, and our own, best employee testimonials. Each has a reason they are great and can offer insights on how to buff up your recruitment marketing.

Kid-to-Kid’s Employee Testimonial Highlights Caring

Everyone wants to be a part of a community, whether it’s at work or home. Kid-to-Kid pulls in job applicants through a team leader in Augusta, GA highlighting they “have never worked anywhere that went out of their way to help [them] when [they] needed it.” It’s easy to see from this testimonial that Kid-to-Kid values a strong sense of community.

There’s also the added bonus of knowing that managers are flexible, which could be important to candidates in a job search.

Kid-to-Kid employee testimonial

Mosquito Hunters’ Employee Testimonial Shares Work-Life Balance

If your company does a great job providing a strong work-life balance, make sure that’s evident on your careers page. Better yet, show it! Mosquito Hunters does a great job showing why employees love working for them because of their work-life balance.

Bonus points for adding a name with the testimonial, which makes it seem a bit more real. Their video testimonial also strengthens the call to action for candidates by showing real people. The same testimonials are heard in the video, creating a smooth feeling and adding an even greater sense of realness.

Mosquito Hunters Employee Testimonial

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Romp n’ Roll Employee Testimonial Shows Variety of Experiences

When it comes to employee testimonials, more is better. The more testimonials you have, the better the potential candidates will understand what it’s like working at your company. Our client Romp n’ Roll does a great job here including 5 employee testimonials. Including photos was also a great call as it helps bridge the gap between a job seeker and employee by showing someone in this role.

These testimonials are in-depth and give job seekers a great overall view of how Romp n’ Roll has affected them both personally and professionally. One of the testimonials is even a video, helping to provide another source of validation for those who maybe don’t want to read as much.

Romp n’ Roll Employee Testimonial

The Cleaning Authority Employee Testimonial Highlights Real People

Your employee testimonials on your careers page should show real people when you can. Providing pictures and locations can help candidates feel like the praise is coming from a real person. The Cleaning Authority does an excellent job here by providing names, locations, and pictures with their employee testimonials.

They also get some bonus points for adding a video that shows some of the day-to-day of an employee. It’s not a testimonial but it gives candidates a real sense of what their job is going to be like.

The Cleaning Authority Employee Testimonial

Hand and Stone Employee Testimonial Works for Candidates and Clients

An employee testimonial is great because it provides validation to job seekers. What’s even better? A video testimonial that can work for candidates and clients. Our client Hand and Stone hit the head on the nail with their employee testimonial.

This professionally done video shows candidates what it’s like working for the company. It also shows what clients will experience when going to Hand and Stone. Videos are a powerful tool for building your employer brand. Not only can they live on your career site, but they can also be shared through social media.

CareerPlug Employee Testimonial Shares Growth Opportunities

While employee testimonials can be great for showcasing personal and professional life at your company, you can also use this as an opportunity to highlight employment growth opportunities. Here at CareerPlug, some of our employee testimonials show the growth opportunities our employees have received.

Strong candidates who push your company forward want to know that there is an opportunity for promotion. Adding this to your testimonial wheelhouse can make them feel that as the company grows, they will grow.

CareerPlug Employee Testimonial

Lastly, it’s also a good idea to ask for testimonials from employees who are enthusiastic about your company culture and work environment. Video testimonials are a great way to allow your current employees to generate excitement about your team among job seekers, like this video testimonial from one CareerPlug employee.

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