Home Health Care: Recruitment Reality vs. Perception (Webinar with myCNAjobs)

Today’s hiring landscape has brought big concerns to employers everywhere. Talent is scarce and attracting the right candidates has never been so challenging. But what does the data really tell us about the job market right now?

In this webinar, Chris Igou, Vice President of CareerPlug and Maggie Keen, Vice President of myCNAjobs sit down to uncover the details about hiring in the competitive labor market.

Keen and Igou discuss topics that cover:

  • The perception of home health care companies hiring in the current job market
  • What the data really says about hiring
  • Steps home health care employers can take to attract top talent
  • Tips for creating a job posting strategy

Here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

How do home care employers perceive their recruitment efforts?

According to a survey from myCNAjobs, hiring managers are looking to make between 5-15 hires on a monthly basis. 

When asked how they feel their company is doing from a recruitment standpoint, here’s what home care employers had to say:

  • 52% said they were struggling and turning away cases or hours
  • 43% said their recruitment was average
  • 5% said they were doing really well

With just 5% reporting that recruitment’s going well, it’s clear that home care employers are feeling the impact of the war for talent.

Be sure to watch the webinar for a more in depth look at all of the findings.

What does the data really say about hiring?

Our Recruiting Metrics Report found that the number of applicants per job posting decreased in 2021. Plus, home health care businesses typically see a lower-than-average number of applicants per job. Chris Igou notes, “Your roles as a caregiver are more specialized than other industries.” 

It’s no secret that it’s a candidate’s market, giving job seekers the opportunity to be more selective. With the view-to-applicant conversion rate down across all industries, Igou paints a picture from a job seeker’s perspective:

“Imagine you’re driving down the highway a couple years ago, and you see a handful of big billboards on the road. Well now it’s like a billboard every second, it’s constant. That’s what the candidate experience is like.”

Despite these concerns, the impact felt further downstream in the hiring funnel was less than expected. Igou suggests, “You don’t necessarily need a ton more applicants to make the hires you need.”

Attracting the best candidates

Having the right tools is essential to recruiting exceptional candidates, especially in a challenging environment. Igou encourages employers to think about specific generations they’d like to hire as well as their needs: “Flexibility is one of the core things that Generation Z and Millennials crave […] They’re an incredibly talented, smart generation that is highly efficient.”

Igou also outlines the Three C’s to keep in mind when mapping out a top-notch strategy:

  • Culture – Your culture is your company’s shared values. To attract those that align with your team, showcase who you are in your recruitment efforts.
  • Career opportunities – In a competitive market, retention is key. Focus on the professional development of your employees by giving them ample opportunities to strengthen their skillset.
  • Childcare – Many job seekers also happen to be busy parents, so give them the peace of mind they’re looking for in a job. Offer them the flexible schedules they need for a better work/life balance.

Igou states, “If you can address flexibility and the Three C’s, you’re going to significantly increase that view-to-applicant conversion rate.”

Additionally, diversifying where you post jobs can help you tap into those desired talent pools. Igou shares, “Custom sources are an incredibly effective channel for recruiting high quality candidates in the healthcare industry.” 

Creating a job posting strategy

Landing your ideal hires starts with your job posting. It’s important to be clear, concise, and compelling to get the right people through the door. Keen advises, “No matter what anybody says, job posts are still a key part of a recruitment mix.”

To help employers stand out from the crowd, Igou and Keen share their advice for building a better job posting:

  • Don’t limit yourself – Remember, you win by having a larger recruitment funnel. Reduce any super-specific requirements and change some of your have-to-haves to nice-to-haves. List certifications, but don’t over-qualify.
  • Hire for growth potential – Do your candidates have little experience but are willing to learn? Give them an opportunity to explore a new career path! 
  • Get feedback  – Ask people outside your industry to review your job posting. Does it make sense? Tell a powerful story? Put yourself in the shoes of a job seeker. What’s their experience look like? Try applying from your phone. Is it easy to navigate?
  • Include the essentials – Include a persuasive title for your role and put purpose into your job description. Discuss your culture, core values, and the candidates’ future at your company. Be transparent and list compensation! Keen notes, “Culture, I think, is a company’s secret weapon right now, especially when you’re the employer in the market who can’t always pay more or has limited benefits that you can offer.”
  • Research your business online – What are job seekers seeing when they Google your company? Look at Glassdoor and other employee review sites. Amplify your social media presence and ask your staff to provide their own testimonials. After all, 100% of job seekers look up companies before applying!

Igou and Keen encourage employers to streamline their recruitment process by investing in the right sources. An applicant tracking system (ATS) like CareerPlug can help. Keen mentions, “Companies on an applicant tracking system generate way more hires than those that aren’t using one.”

While the demand for applicants remains at an all-time high, employers should know that making the right hires is still possible. Setting yourself apart with a proven strategy will help you win those top-choice candidates and keep your business thriving regardless of what the hiring landscape looks like.

Hire the Right Caregivers for Your Home Care Business

CareerPlug helps you diversify your applicant sources, communicate faster, and create a great candidate experience so more caregivers say “Yes” to your offers.


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