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Text Recruiting Can Help You Hire Faster

At CareerPlug, we want to help businesses hire more superstars. We also want to make hiring easier, which in many cases involves saving our clients valuable time. In line with these values, we’re rolling out text recruiting, a new feature that sets us apart from other recruiting software.

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Text recruiting works — here’s how

With text recruiting, hiring managers can send applicants text messages instantaneously from within our hiring software. The text message thread isn’t just visible to the person who sent the message — anyone with hiring access can view the thread as part of the candidate’s record.

Here’s how text recruiting can help you hire your next superstar faster.

Texting candidates helps our clients get responses faster

Here’s what one of our current clients using text messaging has to say about it:

Candidates read and respond to text messages far faster than they respond to email. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent.1 Emails have an average response time of 90 minutes; text messages have an average response time of 90 seconds.2 Imagine the amount of time you can save going back-and-forth to choose an interview time if you get responses within 90 seconds via text.

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Text messaging captures candidates’ attention

The average office worker receives more than 100 emails per day (not including personal emails), and close to half of those are spam.3 Text messaging, on the other hand, grabs your applicant’s attention without the risk of getting lost in their spam folder. Research shows that text messages have a 98% open rate compared with email, which has a 20% open rate.4

Texting can help reach previously unresponsive candidates

One pain point we hear from hiring managers is wasting time trying to get in touch with applicants who never get back to them. Even if you’ve already sent a candidate an initial email to schedule an interview, following up with a text can be that extra touch that gets a response. Text messages are far more effective than email at soliciting a response from a candidate.5 The average email gets a response about 6% of the time compared with the average text message, which has a 45% response rate.

Text recruiting helps companies hire faster

Saving time isn’t only a benefit for the hiring manager. Speed of hiring is especially important for entry-level and hourly employees — 37% of hourly workers list being hired quickly as the most important factor as a jobseeker.6 Research shows that many hourly workers apply to multiple jobs at once, so being responsive is critical in recruiting these candidates.7

To learn more about how text recruiting can help your business, read more about our Product, learn about our Clients, or  Request a Demo.

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