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3 Sources of Great Hires You’re Not Using

You’ve done your due diligence and posted your job to all the major job boards, like Indeed and Glassdoor, but you’re not getting the quality — or quantity — of applicants you want. What gives? If you’re not finding the right candidate or you’ve exhausted your current applicant pool, it might be time to take an extra step.

CareerPlug does much of the work for you by automatically posting your new jobs to 10 job boards, including the most popular sites. But job boards are not the only places to find hires. Here are three sources of great hires that you might not have considered:

  • Industry-specific job boards
  • Social media
  • Referrals

Industry-specific job boards

You may know that Indeed is currently the biggest job board — but it’s not the only job board. While Indeed may provide you with an incredible quantity of applicants, posting to industry-specific job boards can get you applicants with the exact experience you’re looking for. Getting candidates with more suited experience can increase your efficiency and maximize your interview-to-hire ratio.

Try brainstorming with your hiring team — are there industry-specific job boards you could post to, or even a Facebook or Google group for professionals in your field? For example, if you’re hiring for jobs in the restaurant industry, you might try posting to Poached Jobs or Restaurant Careers.

Social media

CareerPlug allows you to seamlessly post your jobs to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If a potential applicant already follows you or your company on social media, there’s a good chance that they’re highly invested from the start and will be a strong candidate.

In addition, posting your jobs on social media is an easy way for your company’s key players and supporters to share your posting and amplify your job opportunities to their networks. More eyes on your job postings means more quality applicants.


Your current team is the heartbeat of your business: executors of strategy, builders of customer relationships, and keepers of your employment brand. This also means your employees are an amazing source for recruiting new talent.

Think of the reach you have within your personal and professional circles. This same reach can be multiplied by empowering your employees to share job opportunities in their own networks.

Employee referrals are one of the largest sources of hires – 52% according to this study – for companies who actively communicate opportunities to their current employees and encourage referrals. The impressive applicant-to-hire rate for referrals is largely due to the quality of candidates you’re likely to receive from a referral. There is compelling evidence that shows A-Players refer fellow A-Players.

There are even more benefits to employee referrals. Here are a few:

  • Faster time to hire (this study showed that it takes an average of 29 days to hire a referred candidate compared to 39 days to hire a candidate through a job site)
  • Lower cost per hire (no recruiter fees or sponsored job posts)
  • Smoother onboarding
  • Higher retention rates

At CareerPlug, we made it easy for our clients to take advantage of employee referrals by integrating employee referral communication and tracking into our hiring software. To learn more about how CareerPlug can help your business grow, request a demo from a CareerPlug hiring expert.

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