Launch New Hires

Build a paperless onboarding process to set them up for early success

New Hire Onboarding

Their First Week Sets the Tone

An exceptional onboarding experience sets a positive tone between employee and employer. It can also help minimize employee turnover and improve new hire engagement. We can help you provide a well-structured onboarding experience with our easy-to-use and compliant system.

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New Hire Experience

Improve Orientation

It's never easy being the new kid. New employees often feel lost during their first week at a new company. Give newcomers a road map to success on Day 1 by providing a system that will help them learn about their new role and the company.

New Hire Checklists

Onboard Consistently

Make it easier for all of your hiring managers to onboard new hires the same way. We can help you streamline the process with New Hire Checklists for both employees and managers. Checklists can include new hire forms as well as initial orientation/training items.

New Hire Forms

Ensure Compliance

Take the pain out of new hire forms by going paperless. Our system ensures that every I-9, W-4, and state or company-specific new hire form is completed correctly with an electronic signature and review by the manager. All completed forms are stored electronically in a secure and compliant environment.

Launch New Hires & Stay Compliant

A great onboarding process is critical if you want new hires to succeed. It's also a vital process if you want to ensure that your company stays compliant. Let us help you do it all.

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