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Boomerang Hiring: How to Manage Staffing During Economic Upheaval (Webinar with Home Care Pulse)

CareerPlug and Home Care Pulse have teamed up to take a deep dive into the current hiring landscape for the home care industry in the era of COVID-19. 

In this webinar recorded in May 2020, Todd Austin (COO of Home Care Pulse), Clint Smith (Founder & President of CareerPlug), and Natalie Morgan (Director of HR at CareerPlug) present their insights on the current hiring landscape for the home care industry, as well as a case for why home care agencies should look to boomerang hiring as a recruitment strategy.

Below are a few key highlights from the webinar.

How is home care doing and what does the landscape look like?

“Everybody’s probably experiencing some sort of decrease in applicants [… and] there is a decrease in the job pool. I think we all thought, ‘Hey, unemployment goes up, my job pool gets larger — that’s not necessarily the case right now in different pockets. So it’s important to understand that there is a decrease in caregiver jobs and applicants that you’re seeing and this is where boomerang hiring comes into place as a great practice to use.” — Todd Austin

How long has it taken to return to pre-COVID levels of billable hours?

“What you’re seeing is essentially the majority of home care agencies (53%) have said that they’ve returned back. 47% said they haven’t returned back to pre-COVID-19 hours. So we are starting to see that come back. […] Inquiry calls for new services has skyrocketed. So are you ready to take on all of these clients? Do you have caregivers to fill the shifts? What does your bench look like? How can you fill these as they start to come back to pre-COVID-19 [levels], even beyond, because the growth is there and it’s going to be exciting.” — Todd Austin

What are the benefits of boomerang hiring?

“Your people are your biggest growth constraint to your business. If you’re able to hire effectively and really stay staffed, then the growth potential for your business is unlimited. Boomerang hiring is not going to solve all of your problems but it could be a nice meaningful slice of the pie that makes up [your hiring pool]. With boomerang hiring, you should be able to reduce your time to hire, get a faster ramp time, and fewer surprises. So really what you’re talking about here is someone who’s already a proven entity and being able to stay in touch with them and bring them back in and get them out into production very quickly.” — Clint Smith

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