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Recruiting Software

The hiring software that you need to attract, evaluate and hire A-Players. From Applicants, to Assessments, to Reference Checks – we have you covered, all in one recruiting interface. 4,000+ clients can’t be wrong. Post a job and let us distribute it to multiple job boards in no time!

Recruitment Campaigns

Accelerate your results with recruitment campaigns targeting top candidates that you want to apply. Our clients range from growing startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Learn why 95% of our Campaigns clients partner with us for ongoing resume sourcing.


Every CareerPlug client has a Dedicated Account Manager, a single point of contact who understands your goals and works hard to help you achieve them. While most software companies only offer email support, we love to pick up the phone to help our clients!

Trusted by over 4,000 growing companies


Your team is growing and every hire really counts. CareerPlug has the tools to help you attract qualified candidates and make the best hiring decisions – at a price that your small business can afford.


Your company is established and has outgrown its existing hiring processes – that spreadsheet is getting out of control! CareerPlug will help you get organized and put your hiring managers in a position to succeed.


As a franchisor, you want to help your Zees hire better people – but you can only do so much. CareerPlug specializes in providing franchisees with an affordable hiring system that attracts the right type of applicants and helps maintain branding and compliance standards.


You need to maximize the ROI of your recruiting budget. Fortune 500 Companies partner with CareerPlug’s Recruitment Campaigns team to gain leverage. We do all of the sourcing dirty work and give your team more time to focus on recruiting qualified candidates.

Recruiting Software

Job Posting Distribution

Easily create attractive job postings and distribute them to job boards with millions of jobseekers at no additional cost.

Benchmark Assessments

Learn more about applicants sooner with unlimited use of Math/Verbal and Personality Assessments that can be benchmarked against current top performers.

Online Applicant Tracking

Stay organized and consistently track candidates through a set of intuitive and customizable hiring steps.

Structured Interview Guides

Dig deeper to identify A-Players (and C-Players) with structured interview guides covering the competencies important to success in the position.

Recruitment Campaigns

Target Qualified Candidates

Why wait for top candidates to find you? Let our team search for the most qualified resumes so that you can target them proactively.

Showcase Opportunities

Roll out the red carpet! Sell them on your career opportunity by inviting them to visit a personalized, branded job posting to learn more and apply.

Save Time, Accelerate Results

Want to improve your team’s productivity? Let us do the resume searching so that they have more time to recruit candidates and turn them into quality hires.

Meet High-Volume Goals

We are the trusted partner of several large corporate recruiting teams with high-volume hiring goals. Let us show you how we can help your team.

Dedicated Account Managers

If I can help a person find a great candidate it means I’ve also helped another person find a great opportunity. I love helping employers find CareerPlug because I’m not just serving my Clients I am serving entire communities.

Walter McCone
Walter McConeStrategic Growth Consultant

Working at CareerPlug is great because everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and feedback. You really feel like your thoughts are valued and you have the opportunity to contribute to company growth.

Melissa Evans
Melissa EvansDedicated Account Manager

My favorite part of working at CareerPlug is knowing that I am making a difference in people’s lives by helping them begin their careers.

Kacie Sommers
Kacie SommersDedicated Account Manager

I enjoy connecting my clients with qualified candidates and helping great candidates find long-term career opportunities.

Anna Whitney
Anna WhitneyDedicated Account Manager

I love speaking with my clients and building a long-term partnership that delivers maximum value.

Eric Morales
Eric MoralesDedicated Account Manager

It’s not just a job title, it’s our philosophy. Help your clients succeed, and your own success will follow.

Our Dedicated Account Management structure allows us to provide clients with personalized, proactive service in an industry where any type of phone support is rare. Our team works hard to innovate continuously and adapt to the needs of our clients. We put a lot of emphasis on going ‘above & beyond’ to serve a client…and it works.

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