How The Job Search Process Has Changed

Ahem, The Job Search Process Has Changed

Remember when it was common for companies to hang a “Help Wanted” sign in their storefront when they were looking to hire? Ya, a lot sure has changed in the last ten years. In today’s fast technological times, where one can order a car or food instantly from their smartphone, it’s hard to fathom the job search process of the past. Thankfully, modern technology has changed the job search process for the better. However, how job seekers apply isn’t the only thing that has changed.

What Else Has Changed?

Jobs Are Now Online

The internet has revolutionized how job seekers and companies interact in the last decade. Job seekers can now access dozens of opportunities in just a few clicks of their mouse. Gone (but not forgotten) are the days of the “Help Wanted” sign.

Job Seekers Are Now Applying From Their Phones

The smartphone has enabled job seekers to easily apply for a job within seconds with minimal effort. While it’s a wonderful thing for candidates, this has created yet another issue for HR managers to overcome to continuously attract top talent. In short, companies have had to Go Mobile or Go Home. Making career pages mobile-optimized has become essential to attract quality candidates and rank higher in search results thanks to a clever algorithm put in place by Google.

Job Search Engines Offer More Opportunities

A decade ago, job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder were the go-to platform for job seekers. However, with the rise of platforms like Indeed job seekers now can search instantly across multiple company career pages with just one click of their mouse…err… smartphone.

How Employers Can Deal With The Ch-ch-ch-changes

So what can companies do to consistently attract superstar talent in today’s technology-driven job search process? Companies must make sure their virtual “Help Wanted” signs are seen on high-traffic job boards and then they must make it easy for applicants to apply from their phones by mobile-optimizing their job postings.

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Pipeline Recruiting for Financial Institutions

Utilizing Pipeline Recruiting in Financial Establishments

The recruiting process for franchise financial institutions is dated and often results in turnover, sporadic hiring, and a lack of diversity. There have been very few technological innovations in the banking and financial services industry in franchises that are not part of the upper echelon of firms that have the ability to dedicate resources to it. Having a process that can tailor candidates to the specific needs of your firm will leverage a consistent channel from which to hire and give you a pool of readily available active candidates. 

Benefits of a Pipeline Recruiting Process

Whether you are running a bank, credit union, financial sales firm, or insurance agency, your sales force represents your brand, and the channel through which your organization will bring in revenue. To maximize the satisfaction of customers, and ensure that they will continue to transact with your company, it is important to have the best-suited employees to interact with your clients.

Identifying candidates who have sales and other client-facing job experience is going to be the most beneficial to your business because they know how to interact with clients. If you want to try to innovate your financial institution’s online presence, it may be beneficial to hire candidates who have a background in I.T., or technological sales. All of this criteria can be met by implementing a pipeline recruiting process.

Taking a proactive approach to hiring can ensure that there is less stress put on your recruiting process and that you can attract more high-quality candidates. Also, with a sufficient amount of time dedicated to thoroughly evaluating candidates, you can improve retention rates among new hires.  Filling critical open positions more rapidly will be made easy, once you have developed a pool of qualified candidates ready to enter your organization promptly.

Your Recruiting Process Made Easy

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