How The Job Search Process Has Changed

Ahem, The Job Search Process Has Changed

Remember when it was common for companies to hang a “Help Wanted” sign in their storefront when they were looking to hire? Ya, a lot sure has changed in the last ten years. In today’s fast technological times, where one can order a car or food instantly from their smartphone, it’s hard to fathom the job search process of the past. Thankfully, modern technology has changed the job search process for the better. However, how job seekers apply isn’t the only thing that has changed.

What Else Has Changed?

Jobs Are Now Online

The internet has revolutionized how job seekers and companies interact in the last decade. Job seekers can now access dozens of opportunities in just a few clicks of their mouse. Gone (but not forgotten) are the days of the “Help Wanted” sign.

Job Seekers Are Now Applying From Their Phones

The smartphone has enabled job seekers to easily apply for a job within seconds with minimal effort. While it’s a wonderful thing for candidates, this has created yet another issue for HR managers to overcome to continuously attract top talent. In short, companies have had to Go Mobile or Go Home. Making career pages mobile-optimized has become essential to attract quality candidates and rank higher in search results thanks to a clever algorithm put in place by Google.

Job Search Engines Offer More Opportunities

A decade ago, job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder were the go-to platform for job seekers. However, with the rise of platforms like Indeed job seekers now can search instantly across multiple company career pages with just one click of their mouse…err… smartphone.

How Employers Can Deal With The Ch-ch-ch-changes

So what can companies do to consistently attract superstar talent in today’s technology-driven job search process? Companies must make sure their virtual “Help Wanted” signs are seen on high-traffic job boards and then they must make it easy for applicants to apply from their phones by mobile-optimizing their job postings.

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Breaking Boards, Breaking Barriers

Last night a handful of CareerPluggers (including myself) attended a professional training seminar put on by Keller Williams: BOLD Breakthrough.

The seminar was all about breaking through the fears that are holding us back – in our professional and personal lives.

Some of my favorite tidbits:

  • Full on.  100%.   If I can’t, I will.
  • What we focus on, expands.
  • People don’t decide their future, they decide their habits.
  • The past is the past; the future is perfect.

It was two hours of positivity, guided visualization, a little dancing, deep personal reflection, and finally breaking the boards we had written our fears on.  With our hands! Like Chuck Norris!  We’re pretty awesome.

Over the last few months members of the CareerPlug family have been participating in professional development programs put on by Keller Williams’ training division: Empire Builders.  The results has been a more innovative, encouraging workplace where we are focused on building a positive future for CareerPlug.

So . . . not a bad way to spend a Monday night.


How to Have Early Success with CareerPlug

The hiring process can be tiring and complicated, but we want to make it as easy as possible for you.  As you get your feet wet and make important hires, remember that we are here to help you succeed!  Here are a few pieces of advice to ensure you get off to a great start:


Speak with your Dedicated Account Management Team – Our account management team includes your very own Dedicated Account Manager and Dedicated Account Specialist who are experts at your disposal and welcome calls to help you find solutions, learn more, or just say hello!  Most importantly, your Dedicated Account Manager wants you to succeed.  So, don’t wait until you have a problem, give us a call today at 512-579-0163 to learn more!

Join a “How to Have Early Success” Webinar – These webinars are designed to give you a comprehensive onboarding experience and get you comfortable with the basics of the CareerPlug system.  Your Dedicated Account Manager will walk you through the system and share tips on how to maximize the value of your account. To join, simply click on “Schedule an Appointment” from your account dashboard or click here.

Follow us on Social Media – By staying plugged in with us online, you’ll be able to see all of the system tips, hiring resources, and company updates we share.  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn … whatever your platform, we hope you stay in touch!


Pre-screen Questions  By using pre-screen questions you can quickly and easily prioritize the order of importance you need to place on each candidate. You can choose from a list of available prescreen questions or write your own when creating a new job posting from the Jobs page.

Multiple Job Postings – Try out a few different job titles and job descriptions to figure out what type of posting is attracting the applicants that will be the best fit for you.  By trying this targeted approach, you’ll end up with a wider and more diverse applicant pool.  


Personalize your Careers Page – Think of your Careers Page as the face of your company during the hiring process. You can make changes to your company overview from the “Company” tab to describe both your office’s function and personality.  And make sure to upload photos of your office and your team to show off your unique culture!

Share your Careers Page – Your job postings will be up on the top job boards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your audience by sharing your jobs on social media or adding your career’s website to your business card!

Build a Unique Audience  Try targeting applicants at a local level:  post your jobs on community job boards or to community organizations like your local chamber of commerce.  This will attract additional applicants unique to you.