Breaking Boards, Breaking Barriers

Last night a handful of CareerPluggers (including myself) attended a professional training seminar put on by Keller Williams: BOLD Breakthrough.

The seminar was all about breaking through the fears that are holding us back – in our professional and personal lives.

Some of my favorite tidbits:

  • Full on.  100%.   If I can’t, I will.
  • What we focus on, expands.
  • People don’t decide their future, they decide their habits.
  • The past is the past; the future is perfect.

It was two hours of positivity, guided visualization, a little dancing, deep personal reflection, and finally breaking the boards we had written our fears on.  With our hands! Like Chuck Norris!  We’re pretty awesome.

Over the last few months members of the CareerPlug family have been participating in professional development programs put on by Keller Williams’ training division: Empire Builders.  The results has been a more innovative, encouraging workplace where we are focused on building a positive future for CareerPlug.

So . . . not a bad way to spend a Monday night.