Reference Checks

Bring consistency back to your hiring process.

It’s not every manager’s job to be an expert interviewer, but that doesn’t mean they’ll never conduct an interview.  Each manager has their own style, and without interview standards it is difficult to make consistent hiring decisions.  Interview and reference check guides give managers a roadmap to thoroughly evaluate candidates and make the right hires.

With customizable guides, CareerPlug gives managers the confidence and tools to conduct effective interviews and reference checks.  Ask the questions that matter most, including questions based on an applicant’s assessment results.  We make it easy to take notes during the interview, as well as give you a short interview scorecard to complete for easy reference — a lifesaver after an afternoon of back-to-back interviews.

Why Interview & Reference Checks?

  • Ask in-depth questions during the interview and reference check to help you make the right hiring decision.
  • Making your hiring process more reliable translates into consistently great hires.
  • Give candidates a positive hiring experience by giving managers the tools to conduct organized interviews.

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