Prescreen Questions

Easily sort out unqualified applicants.

When you get flooded with applicants it can take hours to go through resumes and rule out unqualified candidates.  A resume can’t tell you everything and it can be frustrating to bring a candidate in for an interview to quickly find out they aren’t even qualified for the position.

CareerPlug’s customizable prescreen questions allow you to tie your most important questions to a job posting for applicants to answer when they apply.  Maybe not being able to work weekends or not having a certification is a dealbreaker for you, and by asking these questions upfront, you are saving yourself time and headache.  The prescreen answers are scored and clearly displayed on an applicant’s record, making it easy to review and prioritize candidates.

Why Prescreen Questions?

  • Save time reviewing applicants by asking crucial questions upfront.
  • Customize questions unique to your jobs to increase the quality of applicants you receive.
  • Expedite the hiring process by prioritizing candidates by their prescreen score.

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