Paperless Onboarding

Say goodbye to paper forms with Paperless Onboarding!

First impressions matter when it comes to hiring a new employee.  The first few months are the most important when it comes to employee retention rates, making successful onboarding crucial to growing a successful team.  You need an onboarding process that takes care of basics, welcomes new hires, and positively introduces your company culture.  When you have an easy, thorough onboarding process you help make the transition from new hire to productive employee easier than ever.

CareerPlug’s Paperless Onboarding gives you the tools to create an onboarding process tailored to your company’s needs.  Our unique PDF Form Builder allows you to create electronic versions of your existing paper forms by uploading a PDF and adding electronic fields. Employees can fill out the PDF document completely online.  Create Manager and Employee Checklists with your required forms and onboarding tasks to ensure that new hires not only fill out the correct paperwork, but they have a complete, fulfilling introduction to your company!

Why Paperless Onboarding?

  • Up to 20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment — give your employees a memorable first impression!
  • By managing your onboarding in one centralized platform, you ensure nothing falls through the cracks after you make a hire.
  • A successful onboarding process will help new employees make meaningful contributions to your organization sooner.

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