Email & Calendar

Cut down on your time spent emailing and scheduling.

Good communication with candidates is key to a positive hiring experience, but it also takes up too much of your time.  Composing individual emails and keeping track of all that communication can be overwhelming with a high volume of applicants. The result: emails don’t get sent, appointments are missed, and applicants walk away with a negative impression of your company.

CareerPlug helps you put your best foot forward with great candidate communication that also saves you time.  Customizable click-and-send email templates help you schedule interviews, request references, and even send rejections in a few clicks. CareerPlug stores all communication in an applicant’s record, including their replies, so you never have to hunt down individual email threads.  You can send calendar invites, read applicant replies, and make an offer all in one centralized platform.

Why Integrated Email & Calendar?

  • Poor communication is the number one complaint of applicants who report having a negative candidate experience.
  • Email templates not only foster a consistent candidate experience, but save you time composing emails.
  • Stay organized with calendar invites and a comprehensive applicant record.

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