Detailed Analytics

Discover where your best hires are found.

Wouldn’t it be great to replicate your top performer when it’s time to make a new hire? Or figure out why none of your candidates are making it to the final stage of your hiring process?  Understanding where your great hires have come from in the past and analyzing the effectiveness of your hiring process are two ways hiring analytics can help you make better hires in the future.

CareerPlug knows that managers and recruiters with the right information can consistently make the right hires and grow a successful team.  By providing high-level dashboards and detailed reports of your talent pipeline and your recruiting team performance, you can build the best recruiting strategy for your business.

Why Detailed Analytics?

  • Replicate successful hiring practices to make more great hires.
  • Understand the effectiveness of your process and your recruiting team.
  • Perfect your recruiting strategy to grow your business.

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