Careers Pages

Sell your opportunity with a personalized Careers Page!

You expect applicants to sell you on their candidacy during the hiring process, but don’t forget that you first need to attract quality applicants by selling your opportunity.  Job seekers spend about as much time looking over your job description as you do looking over their resume — what are you doing to stand out?

CareerPlug creates an attractive careers page to help you make a memorable impression to potential applicants.  Completely customizable to your needs, careers pages show off your unique culture; you can display company photos, write a compelling company description, point out employee benefits, and list your open positions.

Why Careers Pages?

  • Careers Pages give applicants a centralized place to browse your open positions and learn more about your company.
  • Attract candidates who fit in with your company culture by showing off what makes your company exceptional.
  • Easily integrate a careers page with your current website!

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