Benchmark Assessments

See beyond an applicant's resume

A resume can only tell you so much about a candidate.  And while college admissions can ask for report cards, businesses need a different way to evaluate the intelligence and the personality of applicants.  Using assessments as part of your hiring process allows you to thoroughly evaluate candidates on characteristics most important to your open position.

CareerPlug allows you to invite candidates to take a personality assessment as well as a math/verbal assessment at no additional cost.  Customize the personality assessment when you post a job by choosing key competencies – such as sales potential or customer service aptitude – that are most relevant to your posting.   When your current team takes these assessments you can use their score as a benchmark to find your next top performer.

Why Assessments?

  • Don’t depend on only a resume — dig deeper to make the best hiring decision.
  • Assessment results make it easier to prioritize and sort top candidates.
  • Target top candidates by customizing the personality assessment for each job opening.

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