Hiring software for non-software people.

CareerPlug’s recruiting software contains everything you need to attract, evaluate, and hire A-Players — all in one intuitive platform. Take advantage of easy-to-use tools and resources and watch how hiring becomes easier than ever.

Careers Pages

Ready to sell top candidates on your career opportunities?

First impressions matter…a lot. With CareerPlug potential hires will apply through a branded, customizable Careers Page that can be integrated directly into your website in minutes.

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Job Posting Distribution

Looking to attract more qualified applicants?

CareerPlug ensures your jobs are visible to top talent by automatically distributing them to high-traffic job boards in just one click. This has been a game changer for clients who were previously struggling to attract enough qualified applicants.

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Prescreen Questions

Tired of being flooded with unqualified applicants?

CareerPlug allows you to filter out unqualified applicants by including customizable prescreen questions when candidates first apply to your jobs. Applicant Prescreen Scores make it easy to identify and focus on the most qualified prospects.

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Online Applicant Tracking

Wasting time managing applicants on emails or spreadsheets?

Never lose a resume or forget to follow up with an applicant again. CareerPlug walks you step-by-step through the hiring process and ensures that you have all the tools to make the best hiring decision. Consistent Hiring Process = Consistent Hiring Results

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Benchmark Assessments

Wish you had more than just a resume to assess candidates?

CareerPlug allows you to invite applicants to take online personality and math/verbal assessments at no additional cost. You can even benchmark their scores against your current top performers. Knowing their relative strengths & weaknesses will help you ask the right questions in the interview.

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Integrated Email & Calendar

Ready to cut your applicant emailing/scheduling time in half?

A client favorite! CareerPlug lets you customize Click & Send templates for emails and calendar invitations and send them directly from the system with a couple of clicks. All emails, even the applicants’ replies, are captured and saved as part of the applicant’s record.

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In-depth Interview & Reference Checks

Annoyed with inconsistent interview and reference check processes?

Let’s face it – not all of your managers are expert interviewers. CareerPlug gives you the ability to customize interview and reference check guides to bring consistency back to the hiring process and evaluate candidates on what matters most.

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Integrated Background Checks

Wish there was an easier way to conduct background checks?

CareerPlug has partnered with an accredited background check provider, so you’ll be able to manage requests and results within our system in one easy step. This saves clients a ton of time and has helped more than a few of them avoid a really bad hire.

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Detailed Analytics - From Click to Hire

Do you know where your best hires are found?

Better information empowers you to be a better recruiter and manager. CareerPlug provides both high-level dashboards and detailed reports on your talent pipeline and recruiting team performance, allowing you to perfect your recruiting strategy and ultimately build a stronger team.

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Paperless Onboarding

Ready to say goodbye to paper-based new hire forms?

CareerPlug can help you completely streamline your new hire onboarding process. It is easy to convert your required documents to paperless forms with electronic signatures. Clients love the ability to store all of their personnel files in a secure, centralized place.

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