HotSchedules Spark Conference: Candidate Experience

Spark Conference by HotSchedules brings together top leaders and innovators to learn what the best in the business are doing to disrupt the status quo and thrive in the face of an ever-changing industry.

The conference is aimed at restaurant owners, operators, managers, and talent development strategists.

Analyzing Candidate Experience for HotSchedules Spark Attendees

As a sponsor for the 2018 Spark Conference by HotSchedules, we wanted to contribute to the mission of disrupting the status quo to thrive. For this year’s conference, we studied a sample of the companies attending this year’s event, focusing on their candidate experience.

We applied to jobs at 21 restaurant chains that are attending this year’s conference, noting how long it took to complete an application. We analyzed the time to apply to understand what slowed down the application process the most.

Additionally, we looked at how these restaurant chains conveyed their culture. CareerPlug clients have numerous configurable options to display their culture and we used some of these options as a baseline.

In this Whitepaper you will learn:

  • The average Time to Apply to a job for a sample of restaurants at HotSchedules Spark Conference
  • An in-depth breakdown of the time to apply for a sample of restaurants at HotSchedules Spark Conference, including the lowest and highest times
  • Which factors influenced the time to apply the most, and how many restaurants are contributing to a slowed application
  • What are the best practices to convey company culture to sell yourself better to candidates
  • Which restaurants from this sample are following the best practices to convey company culture
  • How a poor candidate experience can affect your customers, and how a great candidate experience can help

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