Home Healthcare: Fast Track Recruiting

There are over 12 million patients requiring more than 428 million patient visits each year by home healthcare agencies. There are also more than 35,000 companies vying for that business, that means there is A LOT of competition out there when you are looking to hire.  Hiring top quality home health aides for your agency can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased revenue. Hiring someone that you need to replace in six months costs you much more than just their salary.

As a home health provider, you may often feel overwhelmed when you need to hire a new team member. “It’s expensive…I don’t have time…there’s no good candidates,” are things we often hear. While hiring is not easy, like any job, you need the right tools to do it efficiently and effectively. After all, you wouldn’t hire a contractor to build a house without a hammer and a saw, would you?

Ask the Right Questions  

It all starts on the front end by asking the right questions. Questions relating to communication, listening skills, and an applicant’s general attitude are more appropriate for an in-person interview, but there are certainly insights you can gain during the application process by learning basics about them on the front end.

For example, if you are hiring for a home health aide, you would want to know more details regarding the candidate’s experience level and education. What licenses do they hold? What types of patients, specifically, have they treated? How many years of experience do they have?

Reach Out to Star Candidates Promptly

While receiving information upfront is great, it’s only half of the race. In an industry teeming with opportunity and dealing with a shortage of talent, a truly qualified applicant has plenty of options for employment. Applying to several positions is the norm and applicants have the power to choose a position based on fit, rather than necessity.  As the hiring authority, following up with quality applicants right away is critical and ensures you are not letting those star candidates slip through your fingers.

CareerPlug helps you follow up with highly qualified applicants promptly and make better hiring decisions with our Fast Track program. Using Fast Track gives you the ability to quickly identify high caliber individuals earlier in the process to help you get a jump on your competition. For example, if a candidate applies that has experience as a Home Health Aide and is a CNA, you can receive a real time notification to engage that person.

Contacting your quality applicants faster and starting the hiring process sooner could prevent you losing them to a competitor and ensure your agency continues to win. This also helps to reduce the time that you are spending with the wrong candidates, helping you to get your positions filled faster and ultimately allowing you to serve more patients and grow your client base.

Start Fast Track Recruiting with CareerPlug

CareerPlug helps thousands of businesses and franchise systems institute and leverage effective hiring practices to provide drastic returns on investment. We can help your home healthcare agency build a strong team with the potential to deliver great  long-term value to your business. To learn more about how CareerPlug can help you turn your home health agency into a talent magnet, request a demo today!

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