Go Mobile or Go Home

The way people search for jobs has changed, and to attract the quantity and quality of candidates you need for your open opportunities candidate experience needs to be taken seriously.  If employers don’t make it easy for candidates to apply, they won’t.

This begins with making your careers page and job applications mobile-friendly.  As we see mobile dominate our daily use – from checking email, sharing videos, and managing our social networks – it is also quickly becoming the preferred platform for job seekers. According to Indeed, 33% of job traffic was mobile in 2013, rising to 50% in 2014.  This year the numbers are only trending up as more and more candidates take advantage of their phones to job search on the go.  Another study conducted by Glassdoor found that 45% of job seekers use mobile to search for jobs at least once every day.  

Mobile-optimization is no longer a choice, but a necessity.  

Make it Easy

More and more employers are simplifying the first step of the hiring process, so an application can easily be completed from a mobile device.  Limit the information applicants need to input to the essentials, including just a few key screening questions.  Supplementary material can be completed as a later hiring stage.  

Make it Visible

Mobile-friendly sites don’t just make it easier on applicants, they make you more visible.  Google actually ranks mobile-optimized sites higher in their search algorithm, favoring the majority of users who now use their phones to run searches.  

Make it Stick

If job seekers can’t view your opportunity or if they can’t easily apply, you run the risk of qualified talent passing you by.  Relying on these potential applicants to find your opportunity later on a different device is a poor bet to place when it comes to building a strong team.  The more employers rely on potential candidates jumping through hoops before they even begin the hiring process, the more talent they will lose.

Mobile job seeking isn’t slowing down, so it’s time for employers to catch up.  Are your job postings mobile-friendly yet?

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