Franchise Careers Page Best Practices

The number one concern voiced by many franchisees is hiring. Today’s economy is not making hiring easier. As unemployment continues to hover around 4%, franchisors must find ways to support their franchisees to fill open positions.

Franchising is all about creating standards to run successful businesses. While hiring and managing people is the area where franchisors can help the least, franchisors can partner with applicant tracking systems to help reduce the workload of their franchisees.

Building a Franchise Careers Page

Most franchisors do not know how to build a careers page that allows for specific job postings. It can be challenging and expensive. That’s why more franchisors are turning to applicant tracking systems to build websites to better showcase their career opportunities to candidates.

Here at CareerPlug, we partner with more fast & serious list brands than any other applicant tracking system.

To continue to be a leader in the franchise industry, we took a look at the careers page’s of 68 fast & serious list franchisors. We analyzed what practices these leading franchises are using in building out a franchise careers page.

We also looked at how these top franchisors conveyed their culture. CareerPlug clients have numerous configurable options to display their culture and we used some of these options as a baseline.

In this Whitepaper you will learn:

  • How many top franchisors are providing a careers page for franchisees, and what layouts they are using
  • The different types of franchise careers pages
  • How many top franchisors are using an applicant tracking system (ATS), and how many top franchisors have a specific partner
  • What are the best practices to convey company culture to sell yourself better to candidates
  • How a poor candidate experience can affect your customers, and how a great candidate experience can help

Franchise Careers Page Best Practices

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