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CareerPlug’s Restaurant Hiring Software is designed with your needs in mind. Whether you are a full or quick-service restaurant, we know you depend on quality team members to serve your customers. Our new clients often tell us they have struggled to make hires who meet their team’s expectations and stick around to become high performers. With hiring managers focusing on managing rather than recruiting, hiring often falls to chance.

We work with restaurant and hospitality businesses to make hiring easier through our simple recruiting software. Managers save time and make better hiring decisions using interview and reference check guides, customized assessments, and an easy-to-use applicant tracking system.

  • Attract qualified front-of-house and back-of-house candidates
  • Utilize easy tools and resources to make better hiring decisions
  • Save time by managing the hiring process in one centralized platform

Rally Deleon

Chick-fil-A Operator

CareerPlug has allowed me to cast a net that is 2-3x larger into the job posting arena while being able to filter out the best candidates for my business. In one month, I had over 325 applicants. CareerPlug is helping me take my business to another level of excellence!

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