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Still Using Paper Forms For New Hire Onboarding?

Old habits die hard. As the leader of a technology company, I’ve been relatively slow to give up my paper habit. I still write in a journal each morning. I take notes in a bound notebook or on a yellow pad. I print out my weekly agenda and, until recently, even printed my daily calendar.

The four essentials to building a hiring process that identifies the best and brightest

How Many Stars Would You Give Your Hiring Process?

Better yet…How many stars would your applicants give it? How about your hiring managers? Or your leaders? Your new hires? All of these ratings matter, so sweat the details. It’s the little things that you do as an organization that make you who you are and have helped you succeed with your customers. Too often,

Build a better hiring process

3 Essential Components of a Superstar Hiring Process

At CareerPlug we know that our people are the heart of our business. It is our people who execute our mission and vision and live our values every day. Having the right people in place has empowered us to innovate, explore, and grow as a company. And this isn’t unique to us – HR leaders

workplace goals with the CHANGE method

Achieving Workplace Goals With CHANGE

The New Year just began and already people are setting goals and implementing new practices throughout the workplace. Sadly, The University of Scranton reports that 92% of people will fail at accomplishing their New Year’s goal. This can come off as defeating to leaders of organizations trying to adopt company-wide goals. However, there should be

Fitness: Preparing for Everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions

What the Holidays Mean for Fitness Clubs With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s not too long before people begin to make their New Year’s resolutions. After enjoying all the holiday food and sweets, most people are likely to make a resolution to get into physical shape in the new year. According to

Retail: Hiring for the Holidays

Seasonal Hiring Demand As a retailer, you know that there are certain spikes in seasonal demand within your business. The increased volume of the holiday season is your #1 time to make a winning impression on your customers. If they have a great experience in your store and with your staff, they are more likely

How to Recruit Personal Trainers

Why Certification Matters The popularity of personal training and fitness classes is on the rise as Americans take initiative to become healthier. As gym memberships increase, it becomes even more important that employees are well-equipped to work directly with gym members. Fitness instructors operate in a capacity that holds the organization liable for potential harm

How to Make Your Job Descriptions More SEO-friendly

As any HR professional can tell you, attracting top talent in today’s competitive job market is no easy task. Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to simply write a compelling job description and hope for the best. With so many opportunities available to job seekers, your first step must be to ensure that your posting can

Retail: Avoid the High Price of a Bad Hire

Unceasing Importance of the In-Store Experience It’s clear that the trend from in-store to online shopping has accelerated. However, this doesn’t mean that the importance of retail stores has diminished. While many customers see convenience in being able to shop online, there is still a significant portion of customers who prefer to visit brick and

Hotels: Cost of a Bad Hire

The Hotel Industry  The cost of a bad hire can be damaging to any business or organization, but the hotel industry is especially affected by bad hires. With continuous demand for employees within the hospitality industry, there is typically ongoing recruiting and hiring. The need to constantly fill positions causes companies to sometimes settle for