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Don’t Miss Your Next Great Hire

Imagine this scenario: your next great hire is within the list of applicants in your applicant tracking system. But you have so many applicants to review that you’re overwhelmed, and you’ve dropped the ball on contacting candidates within days after they apply. You finally get a few minutes to call a candidate for a first or even a second interview, only to find out that they’ve accepted another offer.

Many of us don’t have to imagine this scenario, because, unfortunately, it’s happened. Whether you’re a busy recruiter or your job responsibilities encompass many tasks in addition to hiring, here are some tips for ensuring your next great hire doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Set yourself up to successfully screen candidates

Set screening questions on all of your jobs. With CareerPlug, you can easily set different prescreen questions for each job posting and score the answers. Each applicant available for review will have a calculated prescreen score depending on how they answered the questions.

You can even mark certain answers as disqualifying. When you see a candidate who shows a red D for disqualified, you can quickly send a rejection email using CareerPlug’s provided email templates. It’s also easy to select multiple candidate rejection emails at once — that’s just one way CareerPlug makes it easy for you to keep up with your applicant flow.

Allow candidates to schedule interviews on your calendar

Spending too much time scheduling an interview that fits two people’s busy schedules might have cost you a great candidate in the past, but not anymore. Rather than emailing back and forth with your applicants to choose an interview time, you can email selected candidates with a link to choose an interview time within time blocks preselected by you on your Google, Outlook, or Microsoft Exchange calendar.

Move candidates through the hiring process

Send candidates the email templates we offer through CareerPlug (or ones you’ve created on your own), and everyone on your hiring team will know where an applicant is in your hiring workflow. You can even filter your applicants by what stage they are in your hiring process.

…or don’t move a candidate through the hiring process — and let them know

If at any point you’ve decided not to move forward with a candidate, let them know — send them a pre-written rejection email with just a few clicks. It builds your employment brand to have a policy of responding to applicants in a timely manner, even when it means your response is that you’re not interested in pursuing them.

Alternatively, you can move candidates to your hiring pipeline, meaning you don’t want to reject them but you want to remove them from your list of applicants that you’re actively pursuing and come back to them at a later date.

Get daily reminders to keep up with your applicant flow

Check your account daily for new applicants. You can adjust your CareerPlug settings to get daily email reminders for new applicants or even separate emails for each new applicant.

Again, it builds your brand to review and follow up with everyone who applies. Not only does it build your employment brand to respond to every applicant, it will prevent you from missing out on your next great hire since you won’t get bogged down with applicants you’re not pursuing.

To learn more about how CareerPlug can help you business grow, request a demo.

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