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Let's face it - HR doesn't always get the love and recognition that it deserves. But you can change that. When you focus on Making Hiring Easier for everyone involved - Candidates, Managers and New Hires - your team's results will skyrocket. We’ll give you the system and support you need to make HR the HERO at your organization.

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Process Standards

Build Consistency

Goodbye turnover, hello growth! That's what you'll be saying after you implement a streamlined hiring process that ensures everyone’s on the same page and talking the same language. We’ll give your hiring managers a system to attract, hire, and onboard Superstars consistently from start to finish.

Time Saving Features

Improve Efficiency

Your managers are busy; that's why we've designed our software to be efficient and require as few clicks as possible to attract, hire, and onboard superstars. Think about what your managers could do each week with the hours they save.

Reporting & Analytics

Drive Results

The reason you’re here. As a leader, you can’t drive results if you can’t measure them. That’s why we give you the metrics you need so that you can set goals and ensure that your team accomplishes them.

Getting Started

Return on Investment

What's the ROI for CareerPlug? Great question. We have built a Return on Investment Calculator to help you quantify the impact of improvements for your company.

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We'll Help You Become an HR Hero

You have a chance to transform the way that your company hires and truly become a hero in the eyes of countless candidates, new hires, and managers. Let us show you how.

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